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  1. Mechanical: Motion Activated Talking Skull

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone! It’s been a bit. I’ve been working on this motion activated talking skull I wanted to share with all of you. I think it’s coming along pretty nicely. it’s all entirely battery operated so it can be placed nearly anywhere. Vimeo Link The skull is running off of one of @J-Man...
  2. Jolly Rodger pirate skull prop

    Halloween Props
  3. Prop Showcase: The Phantom

    Halloween Props
    This year I added a new prop called The Phantom. It was inspired by the Hatbox Ghost and the Phantom from Phantom Manor in Disney Paris. See photos below. I wanted to create a character that could serve as the narrator or Ghost Host for my haunt. I built the prop using a talking skull...
  4. Electronic/Software: Talking Skull via MonsterShield

    Halloween Props
    So I decided to try my hand at a singing skull using the MonsterSheild prop controller. I glued a servo to the bottom of a cheap plastic Barney skull and attached the jaw to it. I then wired it to a EFX-TEK Prop1 board and set the open and close positions. I then connected PIN7 (the trigger)...
  5. Electronic/Software: My Talking Bucky Skull

    Halloween Props
    This is my first year making any type of Halloween prop. I made a talking Bucky skull (not a 3-axis - they look too difficult to make IMO). I programmed it to "Grim Grinning Ghosts" from Disney's Haunted Mansion. Here's a video of it: I used a Pololu 6-channel Micro Maestro servo controller...
  6. Electronic/Software: Will this skull work for a talking skull prop?

    Halloween Props
    I'm going to be building a talking skull (I've ordered the servo, Micro Maestro controller, etc. already). I know it's a bit late to start it but I think I'll be able to get it done in a week or so. I still have to order the skull though, and I'm not sure if this is good for this type of prop or...
  7. Electronic/Software: Help! Need grim reaper audio

    Halloween Props
    I HAD some great audio for my grim reaper talking skull but due to a computer melt down:p I don't have it any more. That'll teach me to back up. Anyway, I'm looking for audio for my reaper; recorded greetings, short stories, etc. I have Vincent Price reading several stories but I'm looking...
  8. Talking Bucky Skull Help!

    So I'm finally doing it. I'm taking my haunts to another level. I've never really dived into the animatronic side so here I am. I bought my first Bucky skull and now I want it to talk. I've been to Scary Terry's website and I am currently installing the Servo into the skull...
  9. Mechanical: Who is building a talking Jolly Roger this year?

    Halloween Props
    So this is my first year making any kind of props; I decided to make a Pirate ship bow, wiper motor controlled ship wheel, and a talking Jolly Rodger. I also am incorporating a thunder light controller to go with the pirate ship. It was ambitious, but it all got done. I will post pics of the...
  10. Electronic/Software: My Newest Speaking Greeter

    Halloween Props
    I built this greeter so that he can be used with either the skull and a pair of skeleton hands or with the skull skin and the regular hands. It also has the joints from Spider Hill Prop Works for the shoulders and elbows so the position can be adjusted. I'll need to adjust the jaw closure...
  11. Other: Dual Talking Skulls: How to mount...

    Halloween Props
    I just bought a set of dual talking skulls (2-axis skulls w/ Pico Talk controllers). They work fine BUT I have no idea about the best way to mount the skulls. I looked for buckys without skulls but couldn't find any. I also looked for mounting stands with just the cervical vertebrae. Again...
  12. Skulltronix price drop

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    Hi For those of you who don't visit our site often.... We have just made a drastic price drop on SkullTroniX DMX skulls. Now own the best at a more affordable price. And if you just want to talk skulls call me! Jerry Jewell Skulltronix.com 916 600-2295