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    Anybody running a pico talk for their three axis skulls? How well does it work filtering out voices in songs? Thanks everyone.
  2. Halloween Props
    In was at a haunted house last year and aw an amazing prop that appeared to be a half man almost on a small pedestal and it allowed him to talk to people just 5 feet away. Does anyone know what that prop is called or how to create the illusion?
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  4. General Halloween
    Just looking for a fellow haunter to talk halloween too
  5. General Halloween
    i've wanted to go to RG for a few years now (since someone introduced me to it via this forum!)...I had to cancel the trip for this year but we are definitely going next fall. Meantime, they have posted this year's video. Talk about inspiration...
  6. General Halloween
    getting worried... he and i talk off an on all year, and usually, esp this time of year, hes pretty active on here. doesnt look like hes been around and he hasnt replied to any of my messages asking him to confirm hes still alive. if anyone knows him in real life, or has contact info other...
  7. Halloween Props
    I've been working this season on expanding my use of the Picaxe chip for controllers to use in my haunt. With hpropman coming up the concept and the help of Fritz42_male, we've come up with an inexpensive and easy to build controller utilizing the entry level Picaxe 08 to take an audio...