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  1. Tales of Halloween

    Horror Discussion
    This film had a limited release in theaters, and I am anxiously awaiting the USA dvd release, as no close theaters were showing it. If you saw "Tales of Halloween", please post a review, to help whet my appetite until it is released on dvd.
  2. 'Tales From the Crypt' Making a Comeback

    Horror Discussion
    This time, on TNT and involving M. Night Shyamalan. Not much is known at the moment other than those tidbits, but it could be intriguing if pulled off correctly... http://bloody-disgusting.com/tv/3375758/tnt-revives-tales-from-the-crypt/
  3. Tales of Halloween

    Horror Discussion
    Here's another Halloween movie
  4. Mechanical: Raggedy Ann Attacks!

    Halloween Props
    Our theme this year is "Scary Tales and Toys." We tried just fairy tales but ran out of ideas. So, in our "Toy Section" we will have this big beautiful girl. She's about 6'5" and I used the motor from one of those noise-activated pop-up grim reaper props (like this one) in her shoulder to make...
  5. Help with a Twisted Fairy Tales invitation?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So, I am doing the Twisted Fairy Tales theme this year! I have so many ideas from this forum, so thanks! I thought I would bake gingerbread cookies but make them missing limbs and zombied up a little. The problem is that I am not so creative on the "word" part. I would love to do a little poem...
  6. YC Boney Bunch--You all KNOW what we have to do

    Merchant Reviews
    we all need to send NICE emails explaining tht we won't be buying BB next year due to the increased costs, decreased quality and general direction which the BB has taken in recent years. Tell them exactly what you want. Pirates. Guillotine. Classic Monsters. More fairy tales. In scale...
  7. Halloween Theme

    General Halloween
    Just a question to all of you experienced haunters! Do you mix themes together? I love Carnevil but also want to do part Scary Fairy Tales, has anyone done this? How can I include clowns, popcorn, fairy floss etc with Fairy Tales???? As we are just getting into Halloween over here I've...
  8. Walking After Midnight: Tales for Halloween

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Hello, everyone! I just published my debut novella, Walking After Midnight: Tales for Halloween on Kindle. It's a book of six short horror stories made for especially for Halloween enthusiasts. Walking After Midnight: Tales for Halloween Hope you enjoy it! :D
  9. Tall Tales Vol I on Kickstarter

    General Halloween
    Greetings, my name is Nicholas Andrew! I'm new here to the Halloween Forum. I've been a serial artist of horror for over 10 years and just recently finished a book of macabre short stories titled Tall Tales Vol I. If you like the Scary Stories series Tall Tales is for you. The only...