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  1. Links
    I think one of the worst losses for our haunt community was when Perfessor Evil passed away unexpectedly and his comprehensive AMAZING build tutorial site hauntproject.com went down. We lost so much stuff when that site went dark. :( Dudeamis (over on our sister site Haunt Forum) collected much...
  2. General Halloween
    Hi from Australia. This year we have decided on a Carnevil theme for our garage haunt but need more ideas please, So far we have a hallway with a drop panel ticket box, dead ringer game and evil laughing clowns. then into a blacklight dot room with about a dozen saw masks hanging on the...
  3. Halloween Props
    just got this video from a talented customer of ours using our Pop up Ghost. He did a fantastic job! http://youtu.be/BqBZG-4ghPM
  4. Member Introduction
    Hello everyone, Newbie here from New York. How did I get here? I thought I would never be " one of them"....Looking forward to the forum. From looking around there are a lot of talented people here.
  5. Member Introduction
    Been lurking here for awhile, finally decided to join. Everyone on here is so talented. Looking forward to lots of inspiration!
  6. Member Introduction
    I just joined the forum, with Halloween as my FAVORITE holiday I am looking forward to getting many ideas and insight from all you very talented people:)
  7. General Halloween
    Best costume of the night for us: homemade Maleficent (from the movie - when she was a child). The wings took up the whole sidewalk. :) The girl made it herself and reminded me that she was Medusa last year. I remember that costume. Very talented and clever kid! We also got a kid in a shower...
  8. Member Introduction
    Hello! I have been lurking on your board a couple months to get ideas for my Halloween party. I was blown away by how many creative/ talented, helpful people there are here! I look forward to being a contributing member to this awesomeness! Jami
1-8 of 8 Results