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  1. 99¢ sale!

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    It's crazy, we know, but yes it's true - hundreds of products each less than $1! It's like the Dollar Menu for parts! Now through Monday, May 27th while supplies last! Not valid with other discounts/promotions. https://www.servocity.com/ Including, but not limited to: Batteries Servo Leads...
  2. Electronic/Software: Tekky Light Switchplate animated Throw Switch prop

    Halloween Props
    Bought this Tekky Toys prop from Party City and just got it today. Great look and like it a lot. I know people are always looking for this type of thing for their mad lab displays without having to try to locate something like it to DIY. I had a halloween prop throw switch from several years...
  3. Red & Blue lighting - Need your help!

    General Halloween
    I'm already planning my yard display for next year and I really like this lighting trick I saw on Stiltbeast Studios youtube page So I want to make a bunch of props & signs that in blue light look somewhat friendly/normal, but in red light look super scary. For example: a large sign where...
  4. Tech Tip Video : PWM RC Switches - ServoCity

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    Take a look at Jason giving a brief overview on PWM RC Switches.
  5. Electronic/Software: Has anyone ever used one of these Wheelock units for a prop?

    Halloween Props
    I was at the local Habitat restore the other day and saw 5 of these Wheelock ADA fire alarm units. They're rated 8 to 33 VDC (I have lot's of batteries 8^) and they have both audio and lamp connections. I was hoping I could make them into lightning/thunder units but haven't had time to play...
  6. Electronic/Software: Garage door sensors for prop triggers?

    Halloween Props
    I guess this is one for the electronic folks out there: I was browsing "fleabay" and found these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/STANLEY-GARAGE-DOOR-OPENER-SAFETY-SENSORS-PART-49527-IN-GREAT-WORKING-CONDITION-/130698624938?pt=Garage_Doors_Openers&hash=item1e6e3ebfaa#ht_1218wt_1270 Just wonder if...
  7. Push Button Switches

    For a variety of reasons, I've decided to go with a human controlled switch to set off a pop up (and other props) in this year's haunt. Because it will be easier for the volunteer setting off the prop (and because it looks pretty), I wanted to use a nice push button, illuminated switch that I...