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  1. Lighting: Is there a way to sync two cheap, battery-powered strobes to flicker simultaneously?

    Halloween Props
    Hello, I have two cheap ($1) strobe lights from the Dollar Tree. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way I could butcher - I mean - "politely modify" them to sync their strobe timing together, as well as their power switch? My setup - I am filming a short, and when the demon pops out, I would...
  2. Air Cannons/Ankle Blasters 2 versions!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Still time to get one for Halloween. Only 4 left this season. http://vid9.photobucket.com/albums/a51/kermat13/DSCN0072_zps5df9817a.mp4 Version 1 with tank $170 shipped. Version 2 without tank $120 shipped. You save on shipping and can purchase your own tank at Harbor Freight with...
  3. Electronic/Software: Need advice on how to solder / make a connection to this switch.

    Halloween Props
    the tabs on this momentary micro switch are very small. I am going to use it to switch a bank of 3-5 LEDs on and off. How do I make a connection to it...? My initial thoughts are to use a small gauge wire and ramp the temp up on my iron and just go for it, then secure it with hot glue. Thoughts?
  4. Electronic/Software: Sensor (and sanity) Saver

    Halloween Props
    So, with all our updating and fixing up and testing, we discovered that some of our motion sensors were getting fried! :( As it turns out, the culprit was the power supply (or so it seems, anyway). For whatever reason, the power supply must be pumping out a voltage spike or something that was...
  5. Mechanical: Another Big Knife Switch to my Collection

    Halloween Props
    Although this isn't a real antique knife switch, is is still quite old. I did add the handle to make it look more like a real one, but what l like about it is the base is slate which is a great score. It originally came from a disconnect switch. As you can see I did change handles now l have the...