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  1. Mechanical: Skeleton on Trapeze

    Halloween Props
    I've decided to try a circus theme this year and--inspired by J-Man's animated skeleton swing ( https://www.halloweenforum.com/tutorials-and-step-by-step/166034-animated-skelly-swing.html ) tried to make a skeleton swinging on a trapeze. As J-Man predicted, his set-up didn't work well for a...
  2. Wanted little nester spirit Halloween

    Wanted to Buy
    Wanted... Spirit Halloween little nester mint or new In box. Swinging little nester Thanks.
  3. Electronic/Software: Making my swing always active

    Halloween Props
    Perhaps you guys know a simple solution for my problem. I have the spirit halloween swing with the creepy girl and it has an IR sensor to activate it to swing. However she is set back from the sidewalk and the chances of the sensor hitting that far out is slim. Is there a way to bypass the...
  4. Surplus Props Gotta Go - Lots of Distortions Stuff - Located In Daphne, AL

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    We are selling our surplus props from storage, the attic, our guest bedroom, my office, my shop, etc. We have Halloween props everywhere. I would prefer local pickup but will ship things that are easily shipable. We are located in Daphne, AL 36526. I will be adding more pictures and videos in...
  5. Mechanical: Swinging skeleton boy spirit halloween prop

    Halloween Props
    All , I am trying to make my own version of spirits swinging skeleton boy prop. I have everything but need some ideas on what would make it swing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Trying to save some money this year...
  6. Mechanical: My Swinging Skeleton featured in MAKE Magazine.

    Halloween Props
    A writer from "Make" magazine contacted me in early October wanting to do a story on my Swinging Skeleton. I guess she saw the tutorial I recently posted here on the forum. It's a digital/print magazine that highlights various projects and the people who make them. I answered a few questions she...
  7. Swinging Hangman

    If anyone finds a tutorial for something like this please let me know :) thanks
  8. Mechanical: Need Help with swinging skeleton

    Halloween Props
    I am not getting fluid motion out of my swinging skeleton and I have tried a few different setups. I am using a simple window motor with a rope fed through PVC. The motor is on the lowest speed. Any suggestions will help Here are some videos and pictures
  9. Pneumatic: Flying monster zombie pneumatic prop

    Halloween Props
    This is my second pneumatic Halloween prop build. Check out my you tube channel for more props at capazontwo, thanks.