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  1. Halloween Props
    I've decided to try a circus theme this year and--inspired by J-Man's animated skeleton swing ( https://www.halloweenforum.com/tutorials-and-step-by-step/166034-animated-skelly-swing.html ) tried to make a skeleton swinging on a trapeze. As J-Man predicted, his set-up didn't work well for a...
  2. General Halloween
    So it's that time of year where I get into the swing of things with Halloween projects and I always like some inspiration in the form of YouTube videos! One channel I really like is Hollywood Haunter, but I definitely would like a new one to watch if anyone knows of some!
  3. General Halloween
    So far I have only hit two Spirits-went later in the morning but got a few "essentials." Posable Dummy Ghost Swing Rotating Mechanism Freddy Tote Bag Lighted Halloween Garland Pumpkin Stencils Freddy vs Jason Two bags of webs...one regular, one Glow in the Dark. Lets see pics of everyones Hauls :)
  4. Halloween Props
    Perhaps you guys know a simple solution for my problem. I have the spirit halloween swing with the creepy girl and it has an IR sensor to activate it to swing. However she is set back from the sidewalk and the chances of the sensor hitting that far out is slim. Is there a way to bypass the...
  5. Halloween Props
    Hey all, I'm thinking about doing at least one 'haunted swing' in our yard this year. Ideally I'd like this to swing on its own, and so need ideas for ways to do that. I'm guessing the old "hook it up to a wiper motor" will be the most common idea, but does anyone have a simpler way to do it...
  6. Halloween Props
    Taking advantage of some great weather and already working on props for next year. Came up with a very simple design for a Skelly Swing using a wiper motor and PWM speed control. Dialed down the speed to about 22 rpm. The motor is mounted directly on the swing mech so everything is one assembly...
  7. Halloween Props
    Hi, I'm thinking of buying the following props on CL so I'm just getting a vibe of what you guys think of them. Don't have pics but if you know a lot of the spirit Halloween props you should know right away. So all have boxes and and are in great condition. Here's the list All boxed up (2009)...
  8. Halloween Props
    Hey Folks. Thinking about adding a swinging zombie to my display this year but wasn't quite sure of the best way to make the swing actually move back and forth. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  9. Halloween Props
    First assembly. 1/2 inch CPVC with Ts bored out to allow leg swing. Bottom board spaced with sheet metal screws to allow free swing of legs. Bungee cord tendons, Later added one extra in middle and will need more once motor is installed. Messing with legs Starting body Where I am now.
  10. Halloween Props
    Hey Halloween lover's Here's pictures of my Halloween for this year. Sorry for the delay in getting these on here, but that Nightmare Before Christmas swing took me two weeks and three band-aids to complete! Adam
  11. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I built this prop about 8 years ago, and it's always a big hit in the neighborhood. I've gotten a lot of requests from various forum members over the years for information on how I built it. I even wrote up a tutorial for it about 4 years ago, but never posted it. Don't know why---too busy...
  12. Halloween Props
    Hi all, I just purchased my first animatronic, the Zombie Swing Girl. I haven't set her up yet but I'm already enamored with her <3. My plan was to hang her from the tree in our front yard with a cover over the motor for protection. I realized as I was taking her out of the box however, that...
  13. Halloween Props
    Has anyone ever used a baby swing and turned it into a prop? I have an old baby swing sitting in the shed and I have decided to try and animate some props this year. I was hoping someone here has re-purposed one other than making it into the obvious swinging prop. Anyone have any ideas. I also...
  14. Wanted to Buy
    Hello everyone, I am looking to buy the Zombie Swing Girl in good working condition that is from Spirit Halloween. Honestly don't really want to pay full price for her and was wondering if anyone had one that they wanted to get off there hands. Please message me and let me know, I am trying...
  15. Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, I made a spooky grandfather clock (out of cardboard) but it is totally kick ***. I would like to have the pendulum swing and for the life of me I do not know how to go about it. Any ideas? Thanks
  16. Halloween Music
    Just happened to stumble across this music video on YouTube tonight. Never heard of them before, but they've certainly got a good sound, fun swing dance choreography, a creepy vibe and some wonderfully atmospheric visuals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc5_S7z5RJk#t=31 Enjoy!
  17. Hi

    Member Introduction
    Hello all I'm new here obviously lol the names Randy aka BooAdict I do have one question. I saw at the Spirit Halloween store the talking Jack-o-lantern that swings, my question is does anyone know where I can buy the motor the use? I makes a slow back and forth Motion with arms shaped like...
  18. Halloween Props
    Hi, all. We're doing a graveyard setup this year and were planning to build an animated swing with a skeleton girl. Then we saw the Spirit Tire Swing Zombie Boy on their website and thought that it would suit our needs (with a wig and a dress to make it a girl, since the tombstone's already...
  19. Halloween Music
    Need everyones help. I am looking for a sound effect to go along with prop for the year. It will be a skeleton swinging and i need the sound of the swing and possibly a deep sounding laugh as well. I am not very good when it comes to sound but the sound is the finishing touch to every prop...
1-20 of 20 Results