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  1. 23 Days Till Halloween

    23 Days Till Halloween 10/08/2013 Shivers - Creepy Stories (1996) Shivers - Weird Tales (1996) Zacherley serves as the emcee for these sets of original spooky stories geared toward tweens. The voice acting is barely serviceable – one woman really strains to sound like a teenage boy and a...
  2. horror movie i made for halloween!

    Horror Discussion
    Made this little short a week ago in the spirit of halloween coming up! This was a idea i've had for a while. Thought it would give me a good opportunity to try out some different editing techniques. Would love to hear what the people of halloweenforum.com think...
  3. 'Candy.' just in time for Halloween

    Horror Discussion
    Just in time for HALLOWEEN we invite you to enjoy 'Candy.' a short film that throws back to some of the originators of the genre. A little Hitchcock and a little Twilight Zone mixed with the humor of Bewtiched & the style & sexuality of Marilyn Monroe. WATCH THE FULL MOVIE on BLIP.TV...