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  1. We love Halloween so much that we had a surprise wedding at our party last year!

    Member Introduction
    Hey all. New member here and can't wait for our next Halloween party this year. We had a creepy circus theme last year where we surprised our guests by getting married. It was amazing. This year's theme will be Aliens so I've been scouring the internet for ideas on making some DIY alien...
  2. Alexa the sound box!

    General Halloween
    Probably no surprise but you can put those mp3 and cd players away, Alexa to the rescue! Have some pc speakers laying around - even better. If you have Amazon prime just ask her to play scary sounds, thunderstorm, or Halloween music. I figured on the Halloween music play list but the scary...
  3. Voodoo/Swamp Theme

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I've haven't been online in a long long time. I forgot how much I love this forum. (Had health issues) Okay, so I am working on a Theme for next year. Voodoo/swamp theme. (It's too late to do one this year). Please help by giving me ideas. I want ideas on decorations, and I need a list of...
  4. Rumors! 2018

    General Halloween
    I'm going to take a good guess here and determine that based on what I saw at At Homes, that Home Depot will get Skeleton Unicorns this year. It also wouldn't surprise me if someone makes a different version of the skeleton dragons. Anyone else heard any rumors?
  5. Christmas Halloween Poem

    Off-Topic Stuff
    A silly little poem I wrote. Christmas Shopping & Halloween Surprise Halloween's my favorite I miss it when it's gone And compared to Halloween Christmas is a yawn Don't get me wrong Christmas is not so bad It's just when Halloween's over it makes me kinda sad When I go shopping for some...
  6. 2016 Pay It Forward Surprise Things Received (Photos)

    General Halloween
    Just wanted to set up a thread for the Pay It Forward items for 2016. If you are not familiar with this it is a way to pass things on to another Forum member. It can be one or more items that you want to gift forward. There is no expectation of the recipient needed to return something to the...
  7. Attention, the new 2015 likes and dislikes list for Payitforward Surprise

    General Halloween
    As promised, here is the new thread for likes and dis likes, all friends of payitforward surprise, please up date you needs here, if you want to join in, befriend payitforward surprise and also send us your address information, and then post here so we know who is participating in it! Every...
  8. The Last Halloween Haunt

    General Halloween
    No, it's not literally my last yard haunt. The theme is The Last Halloween, a Halloween/horror webcomic from cartoonist Abby Howard. It's a black and white haunt with 2D characters emerging in a 3D space. Here's the daytime video. Nighttime video comes, surprise, tonight. Then I'll take fancy...
  9. new to all of this! Love love love halloween!

    Member Introduction
    Hi all! I found this via Pinterest! We have hosted the annual Halloween party in our neighborhood for over 6 yrs now. Folks expect bigger and better every year! We are huge DIYers too! looking for a home made ghoul that was on pinterest. Also looking for costume ideas for myself this year! I...
  10. Little Shop of Horrors for Halloween

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I start the preparations for the Halloween party in my apartment in Tel Aviv, a tradition of several years, My new surprise will be taken from the classic film, There is a lot of work, but I'm sure I will surprise this year, I share here some of the preparations ... Always would love comments :D
  11. Party Games for Family Party?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    My wife Dixie and I host our family party each year and a big part of the event is party games. We have some favorites and have compiled a bunch of them for my website . . . Halloween Games and Activities . . . but we're always looking for fresh new ideas on things so we can surprise our guests...