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  1. Halloween Props
    This is our second Life size Hatbox Ghost we have made. He is now living somewhere in Sunny California with is new family.Here are a few pics and thanks for looking!
  2. Member Introduction
    Yes hello, from the mouse house (Disney for non-locals) area. Been on here for a while, in ghost lurker mode, absorbing all the great information. I came here specifically looking for skeleton animatronic info and got hooked on everything else. I like to tinker and build stuff so.... hold on...
  3. Member Introduction
    New member all the way from the sunny UK! Been using this forum for inspiration this year- really want to go all out for Halloween. People over here don't appreciate it for the opportunity it is :(
  4. General Halloween
    Accuweather.com has a 45-day forecast which, for our area, is reasonably accurate. Today is the first day that Halloween is available and it's currently coming in as sunny and 51 degrees! Woohoo!!! Fingers crossed, it'll hold. What are the forecasts for your areas?
1-4 of 4 Results