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  1. Need help with Hollusion - material & projector light visible

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I am doing my first hollusion project... and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. You can see the light from the projector AND the material. I'm going to play around tonight with the brightness and contrast on the projector which a friend suggested. Any other ideas? here is my pic from last...
  2. Halloween Tree Toppers: ideas please??

    General Halloween
    Hello one and all. For those of you who have black trees and those of you who are just plain creative,,,,,,,,, please share your ideas for a great tree topper for my Halloween Tree. I just put it up and will start the days long task of stringing up the lights and hanging the ornaments. I have a...
  3. Mechanical: Need Ideas For Wagging a Tail

    Halloween Props
    We're working on a lifesize Pumpkinhead figure, and I would really like to animate his tail so it whips around. I expect the tail to be 8-10 feet long, about 6" in diameter at one end and two or so at the other. I was hoping for a random motion rather than a predictable motion. Think of a...
  4. Halloween home Haunt 2015 for charity, how to get good attendance?

    General Halloween
  5. Static: Where to buy inexpensive foam board (like Dollar Tree thickness) larger than 30" x 20

    Halloween Props
    Where to buy inexpensive foam board (like Dollar Tree thickness) larger than 30" x 20 Found a few unused white foam board panels, think I'd sourced them from Dollar Tree, that measure 30" x 20". I need something larger than these to attach Scene Setter to for decorating the exterior of my Home...