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  1. Ideas for Scary Short Film

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    I was thinking of filming and making a short scary film, does anyone have any suggest or stories ideas they want me to use to make this film? I would love to work with you and film it all but use your story idea if I like it.
  2. Anyone in the Raleigh, NC area?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Hi all, I'm in Raleigh for business and was wondering if anybody in the area could suggest what I could do to celebrate the big night. I didn't know if there were any local groups that would be visiting haunted house and such, or what other activities to look into. Thanks, Calloween
  3. Static: Need your help!!

    Halloween Props
    Ok so I have a couple props that I am needing some suggestions on. I built the rake a couple years ago using spray foam, paper towels, and white monster mud. Well last year he started peeling really bad. Need some suggestions on what to paint his with to help him stay together. Also his...
  4. Weird, Brilliant Make-Up Artist

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Just saw a video on youtube by Mimi Choi, she has quite few so I would suggest searching her name to see them, but she uses cosmetics to create some amazing, terrifying effects on faces. I'm still in shock so I'll lust leave this here.
  5. What to buy for $100?

    General Halloween
    So I just rec'd a $100 Amazon gift card from my work (humblebrag details here. ;) ) What do you suggest I buy with it? Any and all ideas will be considered.
  6. Lost in Space Reboot

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I'm not a big TV guy, but something I stumbled upon on Netflix really hooked me. As a teen, I, like millions of others, was addicted to a campy Sci-Fi series that ran on Saturday afternoons. Now, by today's standards, that old series is something of a farce; guys in rubber suits, a Robot from...
  7. Electronic/Software: thunder and lightning machine

    Halloween Props
    Can anyone suggest a thunder and lightning machine? Perhaps a Firefly or other?
  8. Mechanical: Help with Chainsaw Prop noise!

    Halloween Props
    Anyone have any idea or experience amplifying the noise their prop chainsaw makes? I've got two that look pretty good but the noise just won't cut it for outdoors. Any help would be much appreciative.. OH and before you suggest buying a real chainsaw and taking off the chain, it won't work for...