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  1. What's your style?

    General Halloween
    We all seem to decorate differently so out of curiosity what is your style? Whimsical, Vintage, Moody fun, Atmosphere, Scary, Gory Personally I focus more on Atmosphere with a dash of Moody fun and scares.
  2. Lighting: Twisted Circus Carnival Style Marquee

    Halloween Props
    Carnival Style Marquee for my CarnEvil of Clowns theme. Still shot prior to adding lighting and a video of the marquee in action. I am using a 5 wire commercial chasing beltlight. The controller is set at 3/on - 1/off for the chasing effect.
  3. Morning from the UK

    Member Introduction
    Stumbled on this site while looking for ideas for Halloween 2015 :) Sadly leaving in a flat with a non Halloween fan I get just one small room to do up, this year im doing a haunted mansion style. Ive seen some fantastic ideas and cant wait to try them out myself :):):):):):):):):)
  4. Static: Plastic blow moulded pumkpins

    Halloween Props
    Hi there i was wondering if anyone knew where i could get 8 x plastic style blow moulded pumpkins from the hollow plastic ones, any thoughts many thanks colin
  5. Static: Another Hearse Wagon For Inspiration

    Halloween Props
    This one is in a somewhat different style than the ones most folks build. http://www.nj.com/morris/index.ssf/2015/02/glimpse_of_history_a_stylish_hearse_in_hanover.html#incart_river
  6. Static: barbed wire fence

    Halloween Props
    My graveyard fence has about had it and I'm thinking of new ides for a new one. I live in Utah and was think of a western style one which would be easy to set-up and take down and easy to store so I'm thinking of a old style barbed wire (Fake of course) fence. I'd like to hear some of your ideas...
  7. Carpenter or Zombie?

    General Halloween
    Theres an abundance of halloween movies but whose style did you prefer, John Carpenter or Rob Zombie? http://www.wickedhorror.com/features/remake-comparison-halloween-carpenter-vs-zombie/
  8. Clearance items

    General Halloween
    Here's a pic of the clearance items purchased so far. My wife was at Target waiting for them to open. Two gargoyles, 2 packs of the scene setter walls, and the test pictured. We got 5 of the mannequin heads from Party City, at 1.99 each. I've slowly, over the years been collection...
  9. "The Hater’s Guide To Your Local Halloween Store"

    General Halloween
    http://theconcourse.deadspin.com/the-hater-s-guide-to-your-local-halloween-store-1649278090/+robharvilla For anyone here who is a fan of Drew Magary, typically blogger and writer at Deadspin, GQ, etc, you'll know the style. He finally went after Halloween stores... In his own inimitable...
  10. Electronic/Software: Fortune Teller For Projection

    Halloween Props
    My friend has been looking for a fortune teller video that she can use to project in her carnival theme prop. We have looked on you tube, but the only ones we can find seem to all be Madame Leota spirit related, but she was looking for one that was more gypsy style fortune telling. I know a...
  11. Batman Animated Series/Lego Batman style Joker wig?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Can someone help me out here please? My son wants to dress as Joker for Halloween. We have all the costume parts other than the wig, which is proving very difficult to find. He doesn't want the Heath Ledger style wig as he's too young to watch the film so isn't familiar with that Joker. He wants...
  12. Static: who carries the old Walgreens style skellies

    Halloween Props
    does anyone know who carries the old style, non-pose'n'stay Walgreens type skeletons? they are still great for a corpsing base where they don't have to stand or for taking apart for other projects. HM
  13. Fashion Icon Halloween Costume Ideas

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Gagnam Style Costume - Psy This one is easy. All you really need is 4 item to be fashionable PSY rapper.