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  1. Masks

    General Halloween
    I was looking to see how to store masks? Last year I opened them and I lost about 5 masks there were a few stuck together and there was one that was flattened like all the moisture was sucked out of it. Don't know what happened to them. How do you store your masks?
  2. Other: Help! Latex Mask Restoration

    Halloween Props
    Hi, I've been the proud owner of a Don Post Full Moon mask for many years, and it has been stored in my closet for about 9 years now. I had kept it dry, stuffed with tissue to hold its form, wrapped in a plastic bag, inside of its cardboard box. Recently, I got a styrofoam head and I wanted to...
  3. Mechanical: Madame Zaltana Trouble shooting HELP!

    Halloween Props
    I purchased the MZ animated prop from grandin road last year after halloween. I opened her up and put her together about a month ago, everything worked fine. She's sat in my living room (but not plugged in) since, while I got my garage haunt ready. I am now all set up & plugged her in today...
  4. Static: Stick on window vinyl for rear projection ?

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys I seen a post here about window projector material but I don't want to use a sheet. Also someone said NOT to use a frosted material. Im thinking of a white translucent vinyl, would that work and does anyone have some links to amazon for brands they have tested. I hate the effect the...
  5. Projector kit $25 + shipping 9/19/18

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    https://www.improvementscatalog.com/virtual-holiday-projector-kit/outlet/holiday-outlet/375653 $49.97 half off with code MM8W686. Shipping was $9.95 to California. That code takes half off anything in Outlet, there are some nice Skellington items and other gadgets in there as well. Expires...
  6. Halloween Countdown

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Is anyone have a Halloween countdown The site one is still stuck on 74 days
  7. HALLOWEEN countdown banner not resetting

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Just noticed that our countdown banner that is located on the main landing page (in between the rules section and the general forum categories) hasn't reset to start the countdown. It seems to be stuck saying "TODAY IS HALLOWEEN" :o Can it be reset?
  8. Help with Frankenstein and his Bride's Halloween Bash Invitation

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hello all! Have the concept down, but I'm stuck on the wording. Any ideas appreciated! :D
  9. My Halloween 2015

    General Halloween
    I had a great Halloween this year. We got a giant bag of 250 pieces of candy. My brother and I got busy setting up the decorations. We don't have any real Halloween decorations, so we improvised: we used a baby doll and some clown dolls and put them in the window sill of our front porch, we put...
  10. App-Impossible Test Halloween version

    Anyone playing this? I'm stuck (almost at the end) and would love some help!
  11. Static: Cauldron Fire help

    Halloween Props
    Getting ready to add a great stuff fire under my cauldron and was looking for a way after it begins curing to smush the cauldron into the foam to "seat " it without having it stuck. I'd still like the two to be able to be stored separately as that way I can continue modding the cauldron. Thanks!!
  12. Static: Help please with this prop...

    Halloween Props
    This is a work in progress. I am new to all this but found this walker at Goodwill for 5 bucks and figured I would give it a try. He needs some help for sure. I am stuck trying to make his "guts" look like they are hanging down. Any suggestions would be super cool...
  13. Static: Finally....close to finishing the Creepy Carousel!!!!!!!

    Halloween Props
    Hi fellow Halloweeners! Well having had a few days off work over the Easter period, I decided now was the time to begin the Carousel for our Creepy Carnival this year...mmmm:mad: after several failed attempts, cardboard all over the house, tonnes of coloured paper, up to the eyes in the...
  14. Can anyone help me identify this Halloween song?

    Halloween Music
    Howdy, I'm Bronc, Jolly October everbody! I'm poppin in cuz I reckon this might be a good place to try to get some help ID'ing a Halloween-type song that's been stuck in my head for a while. Here's the little info I have somewhere between 5-12 years ago around Halloween I occasionally would...
  15. Axe in the back

    So me and my wife are going to a Halloween party and I'm going to go as a Lumber Jack. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to attach a prop axe to look like it is stuck in my back. Thanks in advance!