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  1. General Halloween
    Hi guys, picked up a Gemmy Lightshow Illusion Projector (2018 product) that comes with 6 slides and finding all the slides are super tight to insert into the projector. Too late to return after holiday and do like it so wondering how to make the best of this. Also curious if others have had...
  2. Halloween Props
    What are you guys using to make your hands or attach your hands to your props. Same for shoes where are you getting them, what types are you using? I always seem to struggle on this part.
  3. General Halloween
    I have Trick or Treat age children but I also have a yard haunt that requires supervision to be run. Fog machines, singing pumpkins, music etc. I hate waking away from my house on Halloween night knowing so many TOTs wont get to see it. I actually considered having a neighbor teenager pass out...
  4. Halloween Props
    Hi Everyone! Gearing up for the next bash and this one thing always seems to be my struggle...what does everyone use to attach anything to the ceiling....tape? sticky putty? velcro? I had some florist putty but it was a mess to remove. I would love some input please! Thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results