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  1. General Halloween
    Found this adorable hollow concrete cat a while back. Today I decided to paint him black & perch him on a fence post. There are strong wooden dowels inside so he isn’t easily stolen or knocked off.
  2. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Howdy! Thought I'd sign up here to see if anyone has any advice for a costume idea I'm working on, rather than just blunder on by my myself. This year I'm planning to dress as Sutter Cane, from In The Mouth of Madness, specifically the scene below. Most of the costume is pretty simple, but I...
  3. Member Introduction
    Well it's time to start the Halloween display planning and builds. I am working on my first crank ghost and refining my flying ghosts. I found a good strong motor on E-Bay for my crank ghosts and am considering using it for the flying ghosts to.
  4. General Halloween
    Their from the classic "Time Bandits". I have heard several different names for them including. "Phantoms", "Reapers", "Minions" (not the funny yellow ones)". I'm going to try to make this costume for next year and I would like to be able to tell people what I'm making without saying "One of...
  5. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hi there! I searched and didn't see anything, so hopefully this really is a new topic. I'm looking for antlers that I could feasibly wear. I'm thinking of doing a feminine version of Hannibal Lector as the stag (from the TV show). I think I can get the suit/black body paint down, but while I...
  6. General Halloween
    I'd like to try to add animatronics to a skeleton. In the past, I've bought Costco skeletons for static props, but they aren't strong enough for animatronics. I would appreciate suggestions on where to buy one. Thanks!
  7. General Halloween
    Yeah, yeah, I know, it's barely February. But, it's time to start buying seeds, people! We are trying for a 3 sisters garden one last time this year. After our Neon pumpkins last year failed to keep away whatever was eating on the corn due to the lack of prickles on the vines, we are trying...
1-7 of 8 Results