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  1. Pneumatic: Building my next pneumatic prop.

    Halloween Props
    I build my first pneumatic prop! A simple 2 bar lift following Dead with Dave's plans. I build it out of aluminum and bolted it all together. I used aluminum because because it was way easier to cut and drill. It works rather well! I'll post some videos soon. Moving on to my next prop I have a...
  2. Prayers for The Halloween Goblin

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Posted by The Halloween Goblin's sister on Facebook. My brother, Wellington W. Newton, had a stroke yesterday afternoon. He's on facebook and has many friends here. Please everyone say a prayer for him. They air lifted him to Duke Hospital from Danville. He has a blood clot in his head. Luckily...
  3. Cleaning out the Attic: Pnuematics/controllers

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hi All! Hope all is well, Cleaning out the attic this weekend as I prepare for yet another season. Came across some old pneumatic cylinders and solenoids, and controllers I have no use for. PICTURES: http://imgur.com/a/0uB7N Atlas Cylinder Double Acting 9'' stroke (cylinder length is 13''...
  4. Pneumatic: air cylinder stroke

    Halloween Props
    What is the recommended stroke length for the following props electric chair, rocking chair and a lunging dog haven't decided which one yet maybe all three.
  5. Does Anyone Remember This Particular Type of Cardboard Cutout?

    General Halloween
    Hey everyone. I have done so much searching for these and could never find them. They have such positive associations for me, I wish I could find replicas. Around 1975 or so, I think (so hard to remember now), my mother put up these cute cardboard cutouts (no, not thinking of the trad...
  6. Pneumatic: Pneumatic cylinders ?

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys, i need your help once again. Could anyone give me information on the words "Bore" and "stroke" as i am rather confuzzled :confused:. I often see them when people are discussing pneumatic cylinders. Also do you have any other "key words" that i should be familiar with before purchasing...