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    Hi, For my haunt this year, I wanted to make a section for a scare, where the monster can press a button, and have a strobe light go off with a sound effect while he jumps out to scare the audience. This is similar to what they do at Universal HHN in hollywood. Can anyone explain to me how to...
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    Free on the Android Market! http://goo.gl/GPX7C More than just a soundboard, Hallow Screamy is a complete sound experience. A great tool if your looking for randomized spooky background sounds for a haunted house or just creep out your friends! There are tons sounds effects that play through a...
  3. General Halloween
    There was a black like that I bought at Spirit Halloween something like 5 years or so ago. It was a black light that had a variable strobe. It was a true black light that you could make it pulse/flash. This effect was AWESOME! Has anybody seen anything like this recently anywhere? I do...
  4. Halloween Props
    Im looking to put and led on the end of a tube or wire and have it flash and strobe, like a flash cracker, for my sparking electric pole prop!! I dont know how to get the led to strobe though. Please helpp!!!! Thanks!!
  5. Halloween Props
    Every year I put out a pirate ship, and have been using plug in strobe lights for the light of the cannon fire. This has worked ok, but it seems that the bulbs in the strobe lights burn out after only one use. Doing inventory today I decided to replace the strobes, and got a group of LED strobe...
  6. Halloween Props
    We have a Chauvet Mega Strobe II model CH-750 that quit working. We replaced the bulb (CH-750B) & fuse, but still no flash. Does anybody have any experience with this strobe? Thanks.