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  1. DJ Lights for lighting up trees

    General Halloween
    A few years ago when I attended Nightmare New England (pro haunt attraction), they lit up a section of trees with a very cool lighting effect. I'll briefly describe it but I doubt I'll be able to find the device that produced it. It would shoot random white points of light at the canopy and then...
  2. Neighbors who are complete A**holes

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Seems like there's always some complete A**hole in every sub. But why do they always end up being my neighbors? A few years ago we were fortunate to be able to by a house for my daughter while she attended college. It was a nice little house in a huge sub, but still close to campus. Almost...
  3. Static: Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Freddy glove replica

    Halloween Props
    Video of my Freddy krueger glove prop replica
  4. New BIG SCARY NEWS: All the latest, plus an exclusive with Danny Hassell

    Announcements / Press Releases
    New BIG SCARY NEWS: Episode 142 features all the latest news, plus an exclusive interview with Danny Hassell from Nightmare on Elm Street part 4 and 5. It's the most dangerous 30 minutes in the haunt industry. Don't miss it! #bigscarynews #bigscaryshow https://www.bigscaryshow.com/big-scary-news
  5. Other: Help: PEPPERS GHOST illusion - need some guidance please

    Halloween Props
    I am hoping to get a head start for Halloween 2019. We have started to gather material, plans and concepts for the following - but we are already stuck! Here is a brief overview: The garage is gutted and going to have 3 individual peppers ghost illusions, synced to music. From left to right: 1)...
  6. Your Halloween 'Never-Dids'

    General Halloween
    We all love the Big H here, but most everyone has their own list of Halloween-related things they've never done. Maybe you've never bobbed for apples, or taken a ghost tour, or carved a pumpkin? Here's my list: I've never: Attended or hosted a Halloween Party Traveled to a Halloween...
  7. Hickory Grove 2018

    General Halloween
    Wow, what a season. I am certainly sad to see over with. That amazing feeling of all the work culminating to that faithful night pure joy. It does warm my heart when the neighbors are encouraging and appear genuine in the praises they gave this year. Unfortunately, I was taking a final during...
  8. my haunted cemetery 2018

    General Halloween
    My haunted cemetery on halloween night. We didnt get as many trick or treaters as we hoped (and ironically I did all this to try to attract more trick or treaters to our street.) Also, I had a fogger but the controller is wired to it and I didnt have a remote. So I had no way to generate any...
  9. My 2017 Halloween Display

    General Halloween
    Hi, I never got around to posting my last years display. It went down well, got some nice comments on the night and even made a couple of kids run back to their parents crying. I know that sounds cruel, but secretly I was a little proud. Most the ToT's are small children dressed up, but I did...
  10. What is this strange obsession?!

    Member Introduction
    Hey there, Kaz here from Melbourne Australia. Have done a variety of parties over the years, but last year was our first bigger public trick or treat haunt. We had a zombie scare area, a blood room, a witches corridor and a child friendly glow in the dark radiation zone. Turns out more...
  11. Other: Projection Screen for Garage Door

    Halloween Props
    Hey there! I am looking for a cheap projection material to do a REAR projection in our third stall. It is a standard single stall garage door. I am in MN, so between weather and a street light, have decided to do rear projection. I have a business class Epson that will work great and plan on...
  12. Ghoulish Grin Films Now At Vimeo On Demand!

    Announcements / Press Releases
    https://vimeo.com/ondemand/atgod Thank you to everyone who's shown support over the years for either Cedar Street Films USA or Ghoulish Grin Films. It's much appreciated. And on to the next project! :)
  13. Lighting: Black Lights

    Halloween Props
    I have a very bright street light across the street, it lights up my yard quite a bit. There is no way to block it out, so I need some fairly strong black lights for a few of my decorations. Where are the cheapest place to get them and what do you recommend? LED?:mad:
  14. Projection Question?

    Halloween Props
    I know this subject has been addressed may times, and I have read most if not all the threads that apply. Alas, I have been unable to find the answer to my question. I also realize its a little late in the season so this will be a next year display item, But hoping I can convince "Santa" to...
  15. Neighborhood haunts on the decline?

    General Halloween
    Lately it's been hard to find anybody else in the area (besides myself) who decorates outdoors for Halloween. I might have blamed it on the hurricane if I hadn't noticed a steady decline of Halloween spirit over the past 5 years or so. Where I used to see a haunt in one street out of 25 or so...
  16. Static: Kevin's Last Ride: Talia's scarecrow entry.

    Halloween Props
    Talia wanted to enter this year's contest on her own, alongside Cropper. It originally started with the bike. Start of the year, Talia had been fighting me for years, not wanting to learn to ride her bike. I finally put my foot down that she had to practice every night before she played...
  17. how to attract more trick or treaters?

    General Halloween
    so about 7 or 8 years ago my house would get load of ToTs the past few years the numbers began to drop. we are in a city that is know to have a bit of a crime problem, but our neighbor hood is pretty decent. I always try to set up my haunt early so that people who just pass by might think about...
  18. HAUNTED RADIO: hhn, ahs, stephen king's it remake, the shallows, and more!!

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    This week on Haunted Radio, we are featuring news on Universal's Halloween Horror Nights, American Horror Story, Stephen King's It, The Shallows, and more!! Then, we review the 1984 classic, 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' and our Demonic DJ spins you around the 'Vortex' with 'Do The Freddy'...
  19. Philly Joe Jones Sextet "Blues For Dracula"

    Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/nlzve9v7j4eiyxn12dmb6u2zmhtgitks Tracklist: 1 Blues For Dracula. Composed By – Johnny Griffin. 8:19 2 Trick Street. Composed By – Owen Marshall. 3:55 3 Fiesta. Arranged By – "Philly" Joe Jones. Composed By – Cal...
  20. Help! Floodlight/Spotlight?

    General Halloween
    I can't believe I'm all the way down to the wire once again and haven't solved my lighting problem. This happened last year, I decided to just leave the side and front lights on but the house right before me is always unlit, I'm at the end of a street facing a busy street so I think kids just...