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    Hello everyone, I have a perfect storm lightning box. I have lost the cd to it. Does anyone know of a good cd replacement for it? and where I can get it? Thanks Joe
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    We felt our "Storm in a Box" needed a little more atmosphere, so we came up with this little rain effect device. It's not perfect, but adds the right amount of that extra "something" to make our howling storm more believable. Check it out!
  3. Halloween Props
    Hi Folks, I haven't seen a post like this, so I'll share my "Indoor Lightning Storm" that I have perfected after a couple of years of playing around with it. In one area, our home has a really longgg room with a Wine Bar and dining area on one end and a living room area on the other. The...
  4. Halloween Props
    Hey all, Wanted to share how I made a "decently" realistic thunder and lightning prop. It's not very cheap, but worth it as it lasts forever. First and foremost, to make it realistic, unlike most of the strobe/sound gadgets you can buy for like $20 or more, you want the lightning to come...