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  1. Best Spider-Web?

    Halloween Props
    Which is the best Spider-Webbing to use? I have used Walmart's brand in the past but no longer shop their stores. I have a bag from Spirit Halloween that was a year old and it just fell apart when trying to stretch it. I assume it's age kind of damaged it I guess? I have used Spirit Halloween's...
  2. Spirit Station Z / Subway - Spirit Halloween 2015 Theme Video

    General Halloween
    Our sponsor released their second theme video today as a preview of stores. Check out the Spirit Station Z / Subway theme.
  3. Halloween Treats; favorite seasonal food and drink items!

    General Halloween
    What makes you stalk the grocery stores, gourmet stores, convenience stores, and general retailers looking for that ultimate sign the fall/Halloween season has arrived? I love seeing anything with pumpkins on the label and I did see Pepperidge Farm Pumpkin Spice Milanos last week! They probably...
  4. Under Budget and Over Scary

    General Halloween
    Here is an article I did for a home haunters newsletter and I thought I would share it again.:):) Under Budget and Over Scary By Matthew Winn Building a haunted house or putting on a yard haunt can costly each year just in candy let alone all the décor. People almost have the same thing to say...
  5. Where does it start first?

    General Halloween
    I'm going over the posts of Halloween hitting some of the stores already and saw how some places have already received their decorations while others around me have nothing yet. So the question is which stores gets the good stuff first and how long does it take for it to spread to the others. I...
  6. The worse part of knowing your hobby!

    General Halloween
    So I have this little hobby of having a collection of Halloween decorations. I've been doing this for so long that I know when I'm getting a great deal or it is a major rip off. I've noticed certain sites that I tend to earn gift cards for has a higher price on their Halloween collections when...
  7. 2015 CVS Pharmacy

    General Halloween
    They're Back! Gemmy's Big Mouth Bill Bass singing fish has returned to the shelves. Planning a Toxic Spill scene? Add one or two of these to your "stream bed" after you've cut the speaker wires so they just wiggle back and forth gasping for air when motion triggered (and you don't have to listen...
  8. 2015 Halloween Mdse Sighting in Stores

    General Halloween
    The calendar demands a new thread. Happy New Year everyone. Where has the time gone? Before you know it Halloween will be here again. Please share your general 2015 mdse finds here. For newbies to Halloween Forum this is kind of the collect-all thread for non-major national chain store finds...
  9. Halloween City Stores Day After

    General Halloween
    Will Halloween City stores have all their merchandise half off the day after Halloween?
  10. Static: Really cool retro frankenstein head

    Halloween Props
    This is a retro looking giant heavy light up glenn strange frankenstein head available in supermarkets across the u.s. The catch is its in different stores depending on where you are in america. In new jersey its at acme stores.
  11. Static: Finding the Elusive Cheesecloth?

    Halloween Props
    Maybe I'm missing something totally obvious, but the zillion tutorials for cheesecloth ghosts etc NEVER seem to say where to get the darn stuff in any decent quantity without totally breaking the bank. I've tried three fabric stores with no luck. Hardware stores sell it in such small quantities...
  12. Vintage Halloween junkie

    Member Introduction
    Hi everyone, I am an avid vintage Halloween junkie. I shop at thrift stores, dollars stores, and any kind of discount store for my Halloween fix. I wanted to add to the posts of where to buy great Halloween items. This store is called Tai Pan Trading. It already has its Halloween items out, and...
  13. UK stores stocking Halloween goods.

    General Halloween
    Hi guys, I couldn't see if the usual 'UK retailers' post had been started yet, so thought I'd get stuck in. Here's some news on what Asda will have this year: http://halloweenerrific.co.uk/halloween-decorations/asda-halloween-2013-sneak-preview Would be interested to hear if anyone has news...
  14. Small Props & Gore Detailing: Gorestore Chopshop

    For Sale By Merchants
    Would you buy this? - Gorestore Chopshop Hello! I'm Lily and I am just recently breaking into the gore effects making scene. I love doing products by hand and I wanted to put my feelers out there to see how much of a market there is for things like handmade teeth, bones, bone fragments, skin...
  15. Stores Releasing Halloween Stuff Already!

    General Halloween
    Today I went to Hallmark and they had their Halloween collection out already! Nothing really scary though. Only OK thing was a motion activated grim reaper-type skeleton that was probably 2 feet tall. I then later went to Yankee Candle and they were having a "Halloween Preview Party" and said...
  16. Online resources for (tasteful) Halloween-y goodness?

    General Halloween
    There isn't much in my area in the way of Halloween supplies, and I could use some good online resources. Particularly, I am looking for decorations and accents that are more spooky/creepy than cutesy or tacky; e.g., gargoyles, candelabras, engraved goblets, eerie ambient lighting, non-cartoony...