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  1. 99 Cents Only Stores 2016

    General Halloween
    I didn't see a thread for this great store yet, so I guess I'll start one. I stopped in one of my local stores tonight and was shocked to find an end cap of Halloween stuff. They usually don't start stocking until next month. It looks like these are probably leftovers from last year, although...
  2. Kirklands 2016

    General Halloween
    Kirklands has some new stuff! http://www.kirklands.com/category/Seasonal-Gifts/Halloween/pc/2289/2405.uts Obligatory 'I searched 2 pages of results and did not see a new Kirklands thread' comment. I ordered this...
  3. Happy Halloween Stuff Being Put Out Time!

    General Halloween
    I really miss the "good ole days" of going all out, but I still love seeing stuff trickle out into stores like Michael's in July. Wishing everyone a happy haunting season!
  4. 2016 Home Depot Halloween thread

    General Halloween
    I didn't see a thread started for this year, so I figured I'd start one up. Just got off the phone with Home Depot and they didn't have any info on their Halloween merchandise shipment. I called both my local store and their customer care line. Unfortunately, they also couldn't tell me if the...
  5. Sign up and discussion thread for Big Reaper 2016

    General Halloween
    sign up and discussion thread for the Big/Main Reaper, 2016 ATTENTION: NEW RULES!!!!!! You MUST have a minimum of 15 posts if you are a new member.. I feel bad implementing this, but due to circumstances I feel it is best! I am sorry if it is a hardship, but it will show who is willing to...
  6. 2016 Sur La Table & Williams-Sonoma Halloween

    General Halloween
    Looks like Sur LaTable has started listing halloween items on their website--35 right now. Always find a few things there that I like. Got some great copper halloween-shaped large cookie cutters one year that are a favorite. Hubby and I have also gone to a few of their cooking classes. I really...
  7. Michael's Store Halloween 2016

    General Halloween
    Looks like some Michael's Stores are already putting out Halloween! :) Sorry if this has been posted already! Not my video btw, it showed up on my Facebook Feed!
  8. Online stores w/ Halloween.

    General Halloween
    I had some very good luck price watching some of these common stores online for Halloween decor. I don't know if anyone else does this, but it is worth the hunt. Here is a link to some of the common stores that aren't usually Halloween stores. Walmart K-mart Target Feel free to add on.
  9. 2016 99 Cent Only Stores

    General Halloween
    As many of you know the 99 CENT ONLY STORES located in the west/southwest (CA, TX, AZ and NV) have carried some inexpensive items great for halloween project use and come halloween time they have had some very desirable halloween specific items (see past yearly threads). While similar to DOLLAR...
  10. Any good halloween supply stores in Europe ?

    General Halloween
    Does Anybody know any good halloween supply stores in Europe ? It seems all the good once are in the US, and it is very expensive to buy from the US with freight and taxes :)
  11. Static: European haunter needs a lot of skulls

    Halloween Props
    Hi there, I am starting on my 2016 halloween planning and this year I am trying to build a cave entrance with a lot of skulls. Something like this : I need about 50 skulls but the problem is that here in Belgium there are no things like dollar stores nor are there any big suppliers for...
  12. Fewer Kmart 'Totally Ghoul' shopping places with Kmart/Sears Closures

    General Halloween
    Sears Holdings announced that they will be closing a number of Kmart Stores and a few Sears locations in the next coming months. Liquidation of mdse in those stores will happen so guess there's the possibility of some deals for those of you living near those locations. Not sure if they would...
  13. Halloween Bags

    General Halloween
    Has anyone seen those TM Designs kids black trick or treat bags lately in the stores?
  14. Halloween in France. Problem w/ a CVS 5'5" inflatable Grim Reaper by Spooky Village

    Member Introduction
    Halloween in France. Problem w/ a CVS 5'5" inflatable Grim Reaper by Spooky Village Its true. In '99 all the stores were full of Halloween goods, the kids were encouraged to try trick or treating, the village of Paris heaped an astounding pile of pumpkins in a public square for an...
  15. When do the stores start discounting Halloween items.

    General Halloween
    Hey haunters, I went to cvs today and saw they are having a 33% of everything and it made me think well when do all of the stores start discounting there stuff, I don't mean 20 - 30% I mean 50% - 70%. Walgreens is having some sale I never new about like the life size witch was 49.99 now 34.99...
  16. Party City 40% off today

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Got an email advertising 40% off a single item in stores today, or free shipping online.
  17. The season has begun.

    General Halloween
    Happy Labor Day, everyone. The Halloween season has begun. Labor Day is to Halloween, what Thanksgiving is to Christmas. I've seen a lot out in stores. Check this out. http://ihorror.com/check-out-2015s-most-awesome-halloween-masks/
  18. Who has good garden clearance sales?

    General Halloween
    I'm not finding shepherds hooks on sale anywhere this year. Has anyone had any luck at certain stores? I know that stock varies, but our Ace and Home Depot have nothing. I will look at Big Lots, Shopko, and Walmart this week. Do stores still put these on clearance, knowing that they're...
  19. When do you set up halloween!

    General Halloween
    Ok I was wondering when does everyone set up their Halloween displays. People think we are fanatics when it comes to Halloween.....only because we set our display up Labor Day Weekend! YES!!!!! That is starting tomorrow. But I figure that is some stores already have the dreaded Christmas...
  20. Static: SoCal cheap props

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone know if the stores by the border near San diego have inexpensive decent props to work with? I was thinking the Mexican stores may have some decent deals but don't know anywhere good to look.