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  1. Halloween Shopping in Las Vegas in August

    General Halloween
    I'm going to be visiting Vegas in mid-August, and I'll be coming from Australia where our selection of halloween stuff is pretty limited and shipping stuff from USA is super expensive....so I'm going to want to do some halloween shopping of course! I was really hoping Home Depot would have...
  2. Anyone buy from DHGate?

    Merchant Reviews
    Looking at buying a great big bulk purchase for some upgrades to our pumpkin lights. None of the Ebay stores have them in the qty I need, thus I went looking and found several options on DHGate. Anyone have experience buying from them?
  3. 10/27 and Home depot 50% off!

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    My home depot has there halloween merch on sale at 50% off all ready!!! Just a heads up for everyone. No idea if the other stores are doing this as well but worth checking out. I've never seen them do this so early.
  4. What kind of Halloween candy do you buy and from where?

    General Halloween
    What kind of Halloween candy do you buy, and from where do you purchase it? Do you buy your favorites for the TOTs? :o Which stores have the best deals?
  5. Shopping was just a bit of a disappointment this year!

    General Halloween
    Every year when all the stores (Halloween Express, Spirit Halloween) open up near us, the wife and I take an entire Saturday and go shopping. We hit all the stores also to include Menards, Home Depot, At Home, Nobbies, two theatrical shops, etc. We also do a really nice supper at Olive...
  6. Static: Best names

    Halloween Props
    Ok, everybody has seen them in stores and in yards, tombstones. So what are some of the best names you have seen on them. The one I like the most of mine is "Ben Better" Go! Doug
  7. At Home Skeleton Mermaid

    Wanted to Buy
    I've always drooled at the early At Home store stuff and some of the Home Goods items. I was thrilled that they opened 2 Home Goods and At home was slated for opening near me August 9. I went by a few days ago and the walls are still just the shells. I was really hoping to grab a couple skeleton...
  8. 2017 Halloween Mdse Sighting in Stores

    General Halloween
    I've seen a variety of store specific posts of merchandise coming up, but I missed the general 'Merchandise Sightings' forum from 2016, so I am opening the 2017 forum. I know many stores are clearing out their Back-To-School promotional areas and filling them up with Fall Decorations and...
  9. 99 Cents Only stores 2017

    General Halloween
    I got a heads up from someone on Facebook that this great store is stocking in California and decided to stop by one of the local stores. It's true! They had the aisles full of boxes but nothing on the shelves yet so I couldn't get any photos. I'll try to hit it again tomorrow or the next day.
  10. earliest time to get full experience of Halloween stuff in stores?

    General Halloween
    Every year my friend and I take a trip to all the good stores (it's a good distance from our town). Can anyone tell me when the best/earliest times I can go? TJmaxx Marshalls Yankee candles Home goods Ross Just any stores really and advice for best time to take the trip, because I don't want to...
  11. Static: Edgewater Hearse

    Halloween Props
    I finally completed my hearse build. Now all I need is the horse. The whole thing weighs under 100 pounds, can be assembled in under 10 minutes and essentially stores flat. Here is a link to the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/EdgewaterMortuary/
  12. Retailers Closing Stores....

    General Halloween
    I've been reading about the different retailers that are going bankrupt, or closing storefronts. Feeling a little worried that they will cut back on halloween merchandise, despite halloween spending increasing last year. I do my fair share of online shopping, but nothing beats the feeling of...
  13. 2017 Boney Bunch

    General Halloween
    Who's dreaming of Boney now? I am wondering what they have in store for us this year!
  14. Recall: Yankee Luminous Candle Collection (Glass Jar Can Crack)

    Off-Topic Stuff
    https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2017/Yankee-Candle-Recalls-Luminous-Candles# Recall has been issued by the US Consumer Product Safety Commision for the YC Luminous Candle Collection jar candle. Apparently they can crack when in use. Return for refund +candle of your choice. "President and CEO...
  15. Going to America!

    General Halloween
    Hey Guys! So I'll be visiting LA, New York and San Fran in January from Australia and was wondering if anyone could direct me to some stores that would still have Halloween products? Thank in advance =)
  16. halloween stores open late?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    halloween stores open tonight in san diego?
  17. Homegood Halloween busts

    Wanted to Buy
    I started my shopping too late in the season and the 2 stores near me are practically picked over......not a bust to be found. But I saw this photo that someone had posted of all the various busts and statues, and I want them ALL! Seriously, I NEEEEED them! ;) Can anyone tell me what the price...
  18. 2016 clearance markdown alerts here!

    General Halloween
    Please guys! It always seems like I'm a day late to all the clearance deals! Lets help each other stay on top of them this year! Not all stores wait until November 1st. Kirklands has stuff marked down online but what little they have left in stores is marked down too. I got a $29.99...
  19. Best Candy Deals?

    General Halloween
    This will be my first year passing out treats and I'm at a bit of a loss of where I should be buying my candy. I'm getting married about 2 weeks before, so I don't have much of a budget. I'm already planning on giving out non-food treats for the Teal Pumpkin Project, but still want candy! Do any...
  20. Need help finding Halloween mugs

    General Halloween
    I collect Halloween mugs and other sorts http://m.imgur.com/a/hYTvV as seen there. I don't live near the big city, so my special trip to all the good stores is late August. I collect mugs that are normally shaped like something and all I can do is stalk online stores for now These are the ones...