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  1. Columns with flickering LED lamps

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    2 Columns with flickering flame LED lamps, stand 65" tall to the top of the lamp. Faux stones attached. Asking $125 for the pair, pickup in Arizona
  2. Looking for someone who can make tombstones.

    Wanted to Buy
    I want to craft a custom tombstone featuring four angel statues I have. Looking for someone who can make three dimensional stones and lives in or near Virginia if possible. I like my stones realistic and am very picky. Think you are up to the challenge?
  3. Keeba's Tombstone How-to

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Partsman's Note: I'm proud to post up Keeba's Tombstone Tutorial, Keeba was the first of my inspirations for making my own tombstones. I've had many great teachers since then, many on this very forum, but Keeba was the first. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I have. Unfortunately I cannot...
  4. Airbrush Tombstones

    Halloween Props
    I’m thinking about getting a airbrush unit for doing tombstones and a few other items. Up to this point I have been using tinted Drilock and washing a paint over that. The problem is all the stones basically look the same. Any good techniques or tips of using a airbrush to add some character to...
  5. Marbling a stone

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    A few years ago I made a Gargoyle headstone and decided to make it look a little like marble. This past summer it got knocked over and broke and needed some repair - which ment having to give it a new paint job. I wanted to keep the marble look so I took photos as I went so people can see how I...
  6. Other: Samara's well window prop

    Halloween Props
    I got the big lots "graveyard ghost" to use as Samara. I think Id like to put her in the bay window, so I needed a small well. I used a hamper, the fabric kind that you use a liner with. But I think a cardboard box would work just as well. It doesnt look so rectangular once you get the foil...
  7. Pithenge: Unorthodox 2018 project.

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Hi everybody. I'm here for another year of not really focusing on Halloween. Back in 2016, we remodeled the house: http://www.halloweenforum.com/off-topic-stuff/146531-unorthodox-2016-project.html Well, while the house got finished in February...the yard was covered in snow, and I went...
  8. Static: Lets see your new Tombstones

    Halloween Props
    Hi I've been working on 3 new stones for this year. They are pretty intense and I should have pictures up next week. Working on the extras for the stones. Has anyone made new stones for this year. I have seen some pretty cool things people have come up with and done over the last few years. So...
  9. Prop Showcase: My 2017 stones

    Halloween Props
    I've finished almost all of my tombstones for this year. I've been working on some of these since before last Halloween, "Deverney", and "Crewler", but they didn't have bases of any tea staining for last year. I posted a few of these stones on another thread but I've added some moss since then...
  10. Static: Egyptian Tomb: Boxes as stone walls, or something else?

    Halloween Props
    I've been kicking around the idea of making my garage an Egyptian tomb this Halloween. We moved in last year, and I've still got 100 or so of the Home Depot small size boxes (that's about two walls worth, floor to ceiling). They are the perfect size to mimic stones in an old tomb. However, I'd...
  11. Mechanical: Man-eating pumpkin plant

    Halloween Props
    I've been making nothing but tombstones for the last couple of months, so I thought I better stop with the stones and make a new prop. This is what I came up with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTR-quFDaSY
  12. Static: Question about Monster Mud and graveyard columns

    Halloween Props
    Hey all. I've never tried building anything with monster mud. I was wondering if it's the best way to build columns and stones for the graveyard. I've heard that it can deteriorate in rain... that's a bit concerning. I'd hate to put a bunch of work into it and have it crumble. Does exterior...
  13. Static: White stones matter

    Halloween Props
    Well they do! Moving things around in the garage and pulled out my group of white stones. I have twice as many gray ones but the white add variety and realism to any graveyard. These are all coated with white DryLok and then stained/aged which tones them down a bit but the contrast is noticeable.
  14. Static: Good use for scrap foam

    Halloween Props
    Using all the scrap pieces from larger projects, I'm making smaller tombstones for our haunt helpers, many of whom have been with us for a few years now. Each will have the name of an individual or in some cases family, who have helped work the haunt. The stones will be part of the display on...
  15. Lighting: lights for stones?

    Halloween Props
    im running led spot lights for the whole yard, and want to have simple small green lights on the front of all my tombstones, do they make anything like that? that can link together? i dont want them to be to bright as to light the whole yard, but just the front of the stones, i have the big...
  16. Static: Time is limited

    Halloween Props
    Well this year with time being as limited as it is for me, I have chose to only do one large prop this year. I'm still working on it but here is the beginning stages of it. Any great suggestions on how to make time stand still, please let me know. I'll post more pics as I work on it tonight.
  17. Static: printed stones?

    Halloween Props
    has anyone taken high res pics of stones, and printed them on vinyl than simply cut it out and cut out same shape to a foam board, than simply glued the print on? I want to do this with a few larger stones for the back of my cemetery but cant find any high res pics.
  18. Static: Head in Jar Help

    Halloween Props
    Hello Haunters, last year I made an okay HIJ prop with Cyclops head in a Jar. It fell a little short of my expectations due to my lack of photo editing software skills. If anyone knows how to stretch our the sides of the face to make a better version of it that would help. I plan on putting...
  19. Static: Pirate scene

    Halloween Props
    I'm looking for making a pirate scene for my halloween party 2015 i need "false" stones, barrels, false "wood" do you have an idea where i could by it on the web ? thank you for your help !!!! :rolleyes:
  20. Static: How do you doctor up store bought tombstones?

    Halloween Props
    Well, as usual I have had the intention of making tombstones all year....and haven't gotten around to it. Story of my life. So anyway, last year I bought a couple of stones from Spirit after Halloween and when I was at Michaels last night I saw they had a 3 pack that didn't look overly cheesy...