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  1. Halloween Props
    One of our actors in our haunted forest this year wanted to be a grim reaper in our cemetery. His plan was to be on drywall stilts with an overall height of around 8 feet tall. He wasn't able to acquire the stilts so he ended up standing on 5 gallon buckets instead. Anyway, since a grim...
  2. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Need some help with ideas for a creep/scary snowman costume. I normally wear drywall stilts with just about every costume, makes it even more creepy.
  3. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hi All! I'm looking for a Clown Jumpsuit for a 7 foot clown. Think Killer Klowns. Slim actually. My plan is to purchase Skywalker Stilts® 2.1, (15-23"). I'm 5'8" and the stilts would add another 15" to that. Any ideas? I could use some clown shoes too ;) Thanks all, Rob
  4. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Ah, It's good to be back on the forums here again. I was meaning to post on my costume last year, had it all typed out and everything. Had an issue with power and forgot all about re-writing it. So, I should start off by showing off the costume from last year. I'm the tall one, in the middle...
  5. Halloween Costume Ideas
    I'm back again! A little earlier than last year too. Some may remember me, but probably not. Here was my costume from last year to get some peoples mind's to remember me. :P So this year I decided I HAVE to include stilts in my costume again. It just brings in lots of attention. (Too bad last...
  6. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Slenderman -UPDATED- I have finished the costume! Atleast, Until I get the stilts and then all there is to do is lengthen the pants, but that isn't a big part of it. it is 100% complete if I wasn't using stilts! Here's a picture. I'll try and get more later on, some creepier ones. Photoshoot...
  7. Wanted to Buy
    I put up a Craigslist ad, to no avail. And I've looked around online. Unfortunately, the best price I've found for painter's/drywall stilts, brand new, was around eighty bucks, including shipping and handling. Which is a bit much for something I might use once a year. Not only that... ideally...
  8. Halloween Costume Ideas
    i'm trying to make a costume somewhat like these costumes, anyone have any suggestions?
1-8 of 8 Results