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  1. Red & Blue lighting - Need your help!

    General Halloween
    I'm already planning my yard display for next year and I really like this lighting trick I saw on Stiltbeast Studios youtube page So I want to make a bunch of props & signs that in blue light look somewhat friendly/normal, but in red light look super scary. For example: a large sign where...
  2. Static: Half mask fill in

    Halloween Props
    Hey haunters! Help please, I purchased three witch masks not knowing that they weren't FULL masks. They have a strap to go around the back of the head. I need to make them more 3 dimensional and fit over the pvc frame I built for them. I considered the Stiltbeast method with using gorilla...
  3. Static: Can you use the StiltBeast corpsing technique on paper skeletons?

    Halloween Props
    I have very little experience with prop building, but I have created a newspaper skeleton (SpookyBlue style, but using cans for the sternum instead of a pool noodle). Alan from StiltBeast Studios uses a widely known technique for corpsing, where you wrap the skelly in plastic, then...
  4. Static: Vampire Hunting Kit

    Halloween Props
    Here's a project I was working on. A Vampire Hunting Kit. I'm really happy with how it turned out, so I thought I would share it. I followed Stiltbeast Studios how-to video pretty closely. (Love his videos. So funny.) I bought the little faux 'suitcase' at Michaels on a good sale. I gave it a...
  5. Corpsing Make and Take with AZ Haunters

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Make and Take Sunday, Feb 19 at 11AM - Corpsing! http://azhaunters.ning.com/events/make-and-take-corpsing-a-skeleton Corpsing is a standard. Corpse a skull, a skeleton, a....tree? Yep! Anything you want to try Stiltbeast's plastic drop cloth corpsing method on, come on by! Just curious? Come...
  6. Painting or Staining Plastic Wrap (Stiltbeast) Corpses

    After seeing a few mentions around about how hard it is to keep the Stiltbeast plastic wrapped corpses from flaking their paint or stain off, I thought I might make a quick note about how I've gotten it to stay one with great success. I've used both water-based stains and gel stains and have...