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  1. Honoring the dead. Anyone manage this in their Halloween?

    General Halloween
    Over the last couple years, we've had our fair share of death. My wife lost her parents, I lost my grandmother, the kids have lost a couple pets. During this time, Talia has become interested in the Day of the Dead through a couple of books she's reading, and asked if we could build an...
  2. How to attach spiders to house??

    General Halloween
    For the last couple of years we used sticky back velcro to attach our Dollar Tree spiders to the house. The velcro is such a pain in the butt to get off. Anyone have any suggestions on how to attach spiders without having to peel the SUPER sticky velcro off.
  3. 2016 Halloween Mdse Sightings in Stores

    General Halloween
    Ok it's a New Year and time to retire the 2015 sticky and start 2016. Look forward to all the things that will be posted this year.
  4. Halloween themed tv shows?

    General Halloween
    Years past there was always a sticky regarding Halloween tv shows.