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  1. Static: Using Stencils for signs or tombstones Help Needed!

    Halloween Props
    How do you go about using a stencil (that has all the letters on one stencil) and being able to do several letters one right after the other? With the wet letter just done I am having a hard time doing the next one, and so on. Also having trouble with the paint oozing under the stencil and so...
  2. Static: Where to find pirate crate lettering / stencils?

    Halloween Props
    Hi all, I've tried my hand at making a pirate crate using a cardboard box and EVA foam, and have been happy with the results, thanks to the tutorials I've come across here! My dilemma is that I'm not certain how to accomplish the "lettering" or stenciling of said crate (and its forthcoming...
  3. Can someone PLEASE help me find this pumpkin stencil?

    General Halloween
    My wife is in dire search of the Annabelle pumpkin stencil for her office Halloween party, and she wants to have the pumpkin that no one else does. They all have to take a carved pumpkin in. We are looking for anyone who could possibly draw it or knows where to find one. Any help is greatly...
  4. Tombstone Stencil Technique: Tutorial

    Herman Secret has a great tutorial showing how to use stickers to block out part of a stone when you are spray painting it for aging: Easy Tombstones Because I had a very large area I had to do a few different things. This technique shows how to use latex paint put on by a stencil to block...
  5. Making a Pumpkin Carving Stencil From a Photograph

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    This is a really cool tutorial I found. I took a picture of my boyfriend's face and was able to create a stencil and carve a pumpkin! And it actually kinda looked like him. Too bad I live in LA where it has been 95 degress...the pumpkin decomposed within a week =( Anyway, here is the...