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  1. General Halloween
    One of our local news stations is coming up on Sunday to do a story on our display. We had another station come up three years ago to do a story and the turn out that year was three times what it normally is. With our display being up for a few weeks now we have had alot of people already...
  2. General Halloween
    Finally!! We got our photos edited and our video finished. Please disregard the interviews of yours truly. I have a great face..for radio! I asked our video guy to omit these but he didn't listen. This year marked the 4th collaborative haunt for myself and my haunt partner, Mark (aka lewlew on...
  3. Halloween Props
    Partially a prop, but mostly just an excuse to have a weird way to give away candies ( :D ) this spinning wheel of eerie ingredients is going to be one of three "candy stations" that we will have this year, each one of them with a different interactive flair.
  4. General Halloween
    I have browsed this site for years, and decided to look to you guys for help! This year will be my 5th Halloween party for kids this year and want to do a "haunted trick-or-treat trail." (On a whim last year, I asked some of the parents that were dressed up to take a bowl of candy to one of...
  5. Halloween Music
    Woooo, I love my Pandora on my phone and have several stations.........it occurred to me this weekend to start two halloween stations, one for movie sound tracks and the other for halloween songs.........its booooo ti ful....and i am playing it off my new blue toof pumpkin from cracker...
  6. General Halloween
    Are their any special Halloween stations that you listen to during Halloween week? I just came across a scary sounds station on Slacker that I plan to play tomorrow night for the TOTers.
1-6 of 6 Results