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  1. General Halloween
    One of our local news stations is coming up on Sunday to do a story on our display. We had another station come up three years ago to do a story and the turn out that year was three times what it normally is. With our display being up for a few weeks now we have had alot of people already...
  2. Halloween Music
    Any idea why radio station isn't playing? Spookmaster
  3. Member Introduction
    Hi guys and ghouls, I am from Sydney Australia - I only just discovered your lovely site! I actually run an online pop-up Halloween radio station (www.fotwradio.com) and this is my third year running it. I also make audio stories and documentaries, most of them around themes of horror! I'll...
  4. Halloween Props
    This is the Haunted Forest Power Station that I built last year. I used Spirit Halloween's animated electric panel for the trigger and their Death Row Inmate for the electrical worker at the power station. For this year I did a rebuild and incorporated Spirit's new Live Wires into the prop...
  5. General Halloween
    I have browsed this site for years, and decided to look to you guys for help! This year will be my 5th Halloween party for kids this year and want to do a "haunted trick-or-treat trail." (On a whim last year, I asked some of the parents that were dressed up to take a bowl of candy to one of...
  6. General Halloween
    Our sponsor released their second theme video today as a preview of stores. Check out the Spirit Station Z / Subway theme.
  7. Halloween Music
    I do listen to the Halloween Radio here, but I also listen to a Halloween station on Pandora. But what happened?! Before Halloween of this year, my station consisted solely of old school Halloween jams (Monster Mash, Flying Purple People Eater, Thriller, etc.). Since this Halloween, all that...
  8. General Halloween
    Are their any special Halloween stations that you listen to during Halloween week? I just came across a scary sounds station on Slacker that I plan to play tomorrow night for the TOTers.
  9. Halloween Props
    Well, this year I redid my electric generation station for the Haunted Forest. A couple of years ago I make a static prop for a power station with a static PVC figure for the electrician. I promised Tera that I would post a photo of the power station transformer but I just never got around to...
  10. General Halloween
    Hey guys, Here is "Drunk Halloween" a funny animated short I just finished, check it out here: "Drunk Halloween" You can also check my other Halloween animation here: "Gas Station" My best regards and "Happy Halloween to everyone" Caralvive
  11. General Halloween
    The Zombie Gas Station. Spirit Halloween just released their final theme video for the season just a few minutes ago.
1-11 of 12 Results