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  1. Halloween Grandfather clock static prop

    Grandfather clock I made using just cardboard boxes, glue gun, and dollar tree Halloween items
  2. Wanted to Buy
    Hi All Does anyone have one of these for sale: https://www.grandinroad.com/yard-sea-monster/halloween-haven/top-25/1187495 If so would love to purchase and please get in touch. Thanks
  3. Interior/Office Decorating for Halloween

    Decorating an office. Office walkthrough 2018: Frankenstein Receptionist, Alien Break Room, Dead Coders and much more! Office walkthrough 2017: Lobby Couch Graveyard, Mummy Memos, Man Eating Office Plants, Clown Conference room and more! Never got a video of 2016 but I attached some...
  4. Halloween Props
    I've built a 9ft pumpkin man out of 2 inch pvc pipe. I wrapped the pipe with pipe insulation to break up its lines and look like vines, but it still looks like pipe. Outside of sanding the pipe down and texturing it with epoxy putty I can't think of what to do to get rid of the pipe look. Any ideas?
  5. Blog
    I still have hanging tortured, impaled custom prop from Cannibal holocaust, autopsy man, and a few non unit 70 props a full sized female corpse in a viewing metal casket on a casket stand. A male zombie full sized and lots of other goodies. Side show gaffs ie monkey paw, shrunken head, merman...
  6. Halloween Props
    When Jason Met 'CLAWdia'... Ok ALMOST DONE! Just some light adjustments and details to be had. I was on a budget this year as most of us are. I like to attempt to make things myself every year. These all made from 'junk', old free scraps of wood, Dollar store items, esp. tablecloths (A GOD...
  7. Halloween Crafts
    Hallow there, grave diggers! I need some inspiration. I'm on a TIGHT budget this year and I have access to ALOT of cardboard sheets from my job. I consider myself pretty crafty and figured why not utilize this great free resource? The cardboard in question are flat sheets about 2ft.4'' wide and...
  8. Halloween Props
    We have a huge Halloween Party every year and to get into our house you must walk thru a haunted tunnel. Over the years we have added life like props including 2 pneumatic props that are triggered by motion detectors. Here are some pictures of props. Even the static ones pop under strobe lights...
1-8 of 8 Results