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  1. Member Introduction
    Hello there from the Bayou State (Louisiana!) Just wanted to pop in and introduce myself on this super awesome forum. I made a PVC fence last year that I originally found linked here (and this is how I found the forum <3 )...I LOVE the way it came out. Almost got divorced over it...
  2. Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Hi all! Are any of you going to the first ever Ohio Halloween and Haunters Convention at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio this weekend? I can't wait!!! This convention is geared toward home haunters...
  3. Halloween Props
    Hello all, Ive built an Air Cannon using a CO2 Fire extinguisher and air/water solenoid valve to control the release of compressed air. Using an Arduino, I want to trigger the solenoid for maybe 1 second ON then 1 Second off, for 3 bursts, then wait for 5 Mins, then start all over again. I've...
  4. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have an alcorn McBride digital binloop for sale. This allows for 8 channels of trigger-able solid state audio or video to be used in your haunt. these are very customizable and durable. this can be rack mounted. Currently have 8 card installed, including 8 cf adapters and 7 cf cards...
  5. General Halloween
    Did this last year and it was fun to see some of the replies. So how are you faring in terms of preparation and being ready for the big night, whether it be a yard haunt, walk through, or even a party.
  6. Wanted to Buy
    Are there any fellow Haunters in Florida that sells boxes of Spanish moss to haunters out of state ?
  7. Wanted to Buy
    Help! I have been searching for this forever. Anyone in the midwest know where it can be found? I live in Ohio, and they won't ship it to this state. I'm willing to take a road trip in order to create epic cocktails!
  8. Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    BUT WHAT IS IT, YOU SAY? Good gourd, the pumpkins are coming! We carved up 12 worlds of marvelous art and Halloween fun at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. Whether you’re young or old, you’ll be ooh-ing and ahh-ing along the half-mile long walking path of more than 3,000 pumpkins and fun-kins...
  9. General Halloween
    Just saw this piece on the local news: http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2016/10/14/mayview-hospital-property-to-be-reborn-as-unique-neighborhood/ Who wouldn't want to buy a spiffy new house on the grounds of a former state mental hospital?! What could go wrong...
  10. General Halloween
    Just 35 days! Only 5 short weeks left! For those of you who put on large displays, walk-throughs or haunts, describe your state of readiness!
  11. General Halloween
    This may be posted elsewhere. I couldn't find anything so here goes. I love pro haunts and have been visiting them for over 20 years,which guess kinda dates me but oh well. I have traveled state to state to all the top haunts. Can't list them all, some have been great and others a waste of time...
  12. Member Introduction
    Oooh a Halloween forum; I am so excited I found this place! My name is Lori and I'm 33 years old from Washington State. I've already begun working on Halloween decorations and am planning my costume already too :D Looking forward to getting to know everyone.
  13. General Halloween
    I have always wondered , as the Haunt owner getting criminal back round checks for our employees every season, if one comes back telling us that they were once convicted of Rape or Murder,and If hired them, and if they did something nasty to a patron, would i then be held responsible since the...
1-14 of 22 Results