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  1. Halloween Props
    Is there a way to have an Uno run in a loop by jumping 2 connections, not by code, much the same way you can with a Picoboo? I'm wanting to run it with relays connected without a PIR and have the sequence run over and over? So basically when power is applied to the UNO it's starts playing the...
  2. General Halloween
    Here's a look at the inside of Boddy Creek Manor this year. (Narration starts at 6:48).
  3. Halloween Props
    Hello everyone. I bought one of these canvas led paintings at HomeDepot (actually it's the one where the witch is outside a house with a ghost above her but I can't find it on the HD site.). It's perfect for the location I have but I don't want the sound to play, it's fun once or twice but not...
  4. Halloween Props
    Hi, this is my first post. I have had the spirit halloween jumping zombie for 5-6 years, and today I got him out and started setting him up. Everything works, just he won't stay locked down! He is always in his "jumped" position. When he starts going down, I here a large click and he jumps back...
  5. Member Introduction
    Hi There, I just stumbled across this forum and am excited about perusing the posts and sharing my knowledge. My husband, son, and I started getting more into Halloween three years ago. This year will be our fourth having a big Halloween in our front yard. My husband usually starts around...
  6. Halloween Props
    this one starts out with the laser vortex amk
  7. Member Introduction
    Consequently, once said clock starts
1-7 of 15 Results