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  1. Other: How to put together Circus/Carnival theme while using previous props?

    Halloween Props
    So I really want to do a carnival/circus/sideshow theme. I think I figured out how to do a circus tent in a semi-affordable way. I have a 3 axis skull/skeleton. I'm thinking just swapping out his script and dressing him up as a sideshow barker. "Step right up, step right up, come see the...
  2. Other: ghillie suits???

    Halloween Props
    anyone use ghillie suits can comment of how effective they are for a startle I know they can be expensive but I saw these and wonder about the quality. https://www.ltdcommodities.com/Garden--Outdoor---DIY/Outdoor/Camping---Hunting/5-Pc--Woodland-Ghillie-Suits//prod1750277.jmp?fm=search
  3. Other: Startle Props ideas?

    Halloween Props
    What are some of your favorite DIY Startle props? We use chainsaws and a sawzall w/o blades when scaring guests leaving our HH. We also heard of a palm sander in an aluminum garbage can does wonders. Electronic fireworks works well. Whats yours...
  4. Mechanical: Startle Scare Photos -Anyone done this?

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone ever set up a trigger for a camera to take pictures of your haunt victims when they get a good startle scare, then offer them to be emailed after? Just wondering how you could do this? Can it be set up to be automated to take the picture at certain scare points? We really are not...
  5. Electronic/Software: Need help finding a startle sound effect.

    Halloween Props
    I am having trouble finding a startle sound effect like what it used in the mazes at Universal halloween horror nights. If anyone has a file or knows where I could locate one it would be greatly appreciated. I will try to find an example and post it in the morning. Thanks! Example...
  6. Electronic/Software: What's your favorite Spirit Halloween hanging/spinning/glowing prop?

    Halloween Props
    I'm in need of one, maybe two motion-sensor props for my garage maze haunt this year. What's your favorite hanging prop from Spirit Halloween? I'm looking for something that maybe glows, or speaks, or spins. Just something that will startle someone who passes by in the dark. For example, the...
  7. Static: Bottomless pit help

    Halloween Props
    I'm going to build a bottomless pit. I generally have a good idea on how I'm going to construct everything except I need some help with the electrical wiring. I'm going for a startle effect on my pit, so I need to have one light on and then I need that light to turn off at the same time a second...