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  1. General Halloween
    Is it wrong to start setting up inside house early, i'm a single father and have so much stuff by the time I do the garage and haunt the inside takes a backseat always...so thought, hey..what if I start now...
  2. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Next year 2019 i am doing Mad Hatter this is going to be Epic with Saki.Girl twist so i have all ready started buying stuff for this theme next year so I thought i would start a thread to post all my goodies i am finding and using and when start making props they will be posted here also.
  3. Halloween Props
    How can I set up a prop that has music or sounds from a CD player that will come on with a timer and shut off and then start the next night from the beginning? Do they make a CD player that will do this? I've never set up any of my props with sounds yet, but I'm sure there is a way without...
  4. Halloween Crafts
    Hi everyone going to bring the craft of the month back and we are going to start with February Craft of the month is Potion bottles lets see your creativity This is all about getting creative and showing what you made :) Let the fun start :) MARCH CRAFT - WANDS APRIL CRAFT - KIT ANY KIND...
  5. General Halloween
    Thought I would start a 2018 home depot thread right now they have 9 ft. Standing Skeleton T-Rex Dinosaur on sale for 224.25 https://www.homedepot.com/p/Home-Accents-Holiday-9-ft-Standing-Skeleton-T-Rex-Dinosaur-with-LED-Illuminated-Eyes-7342-99908/301148793 74 in. Halloween Standing...
  6. General Halloween
    We must have a 2018 Yard Sale, Thrift Store, Flea market Giveaways and Curb Alert Finds/Treasures Thread this is one of my favorite threads. So let the 2018 hunting start now . Here is to happy hunting
  7. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    there's usually a thread for parties of various dates, but i don't see them this year so i'll start this one. our party is this saturday, 10/21, and we're so so so far behind right now. anyone else?
  8. Member Introduction
    Greetings - It's good to be back in to Halloween! I was a member forums back in the mid-90's when they were still "bulletin boards" and when the FCG and air-operated effects were just beginning. I ran a major haunt in my neighborhood and VFD...when I lived in the city Well...life got in the...
  9. Halloween Props
    So here he is. I still got some work to do on him. The stir speed seems a bit fast but then at the same time I almost think it helps give him a more natural motion. He's got a little trouble standing up but not as bad as he did since I corrected his posture a bit. I'll also probably put a...
  10. Announcements / Press Releases
    Our 2017 Haunt List is out NOW! Here's a link to it: http://bit.ly/hauntlist2017. While this only represents a fraction of the haunts in the southern California area, it's a good start for your Halloween season. Enjoy and I look forward to seeing you all!
  11. Member Introduction
    Hi - I live in Ontario, Canada and you might say I'm more than a little Halloween-obsessed :D. Just finished putting up quite a few of my decorations (indoor), and was googling for the fun of it "when do you start decorating for Halloween". The top hits were all from this forum. I couldn't...
  12. General Halloween
    This is about the time when I begin putting out my Halloween decorations in my home. I know that most people would probably consider that too early. Perhaps starting in October would be good enough but this is one of my favorite holidays. One month doesn't seem long enough! When do you start...
  13. General Halloween
    I may have posted a similar thread years ago, but time passes...indulge me. What flipped a switch in you, what triggered something inside if you that made you start to freak out kids on Halloween? When I was a boy, I loved Halloween. The masks, the candy, the pumpkins, I loved all of it. But I...
  14. General Halloween
    I thought I might as well get this started , before teasers start to fly!
  15. Member Introduction
    Hello everyone! I'm not a new member, just a returning one. I made my first account in 2008, but it had so many cringy old posts on it I figured I'd start fresh, haha. Just wanted to say hi! I missed browsing this forum every day!
  16. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So we usually send paper invitations around September 15, and start a Facebook event once we know they have all arrived so people can RSVP, we can post updates, get people excited, etc. Every year though, around this time, I start seeing people RSVP to Halloween events and I wonder if I'm...
  17. General Halloween
    My wife has already started our indoor decorating. We usually start around the middle of August but she had the urge a bit early this year. We start having guests over right after Labor Day. This is our antler chandelier decked out for the season.
  18. General Halloween
    http://www.christmastreeshops.com/search.do?query=Halloween&cx=0&pp=32&sortby=newArrivalsDescend&sortType=1 small start
  19. General Halloween
    Is it something personal or is it when the rest of society catches up? For me, I tend to realize it around this time when I realize September is coming up and I'll be able to start putting up my fall decorations. And when craft stores have starting sprinkling in their fall items.:D It's a...
  20. General Halloween
    Hello! I have been contemplating for the past couple days when I should start setting up thing in the yard. last year was the first year I had a big light show and gave myself time to put stuff up but not time to troubleshoot. last year I had started the 17th of september. This year I have a...