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  1. General Halloween
    I am jumping on the bandwagon to give out small toys with the full size bars this year. I have already collected mini Play-Doh cans, mini stencils & erasers (will get pencils to go with them) and some Hot Wheels. I wanted to put them into little paper treat sacks - the flat "vintage style" (not...
  2. General Halloween
    So i have been noticing a few things coming up missing the last few months, i thought maybe i was misplacing them because there small things here and there but a week ago or so a pair of gloves and a oversized plastic skull came up missing and i knew for a fact i had left them on the table in my...
  3. Halloween Props
    I walked into Goodwill right as the clerk put a brand new pose and stay skelly on display. Ten bucks! Yippee!!! But I've been staring at it wondering what to do with it. I want creative, I want wow. What have you all done to your skellys?
  4. Halloween Props
    Brainstorming a new prop. My son has outgrown his orange Sam "footie" PJs, so I want to make a toddler version of Sam sitting on a mini park bench we have for the kids. As the TOTs come up, he will be holding his burlap sack. Using a servo & controller I want him to be alternating between...
  5. General Halloween
    Anyone else go to an Oktoberfest? We have a few places locally. Good food and drinks, and if you happen to like German music all the better. It's somewhat of a lead-up to Halloween, staring in late September and lasting the entire month of October.
1-5 of 5 Results