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  1. Static: Last minute rush for 7'x8' garage door scrim???

    Halloween Props
    Sorry for the last minute, super specific issue, but.... I have a 3rd stall*** I'd like to project on to from behind. It will be cleaner and safer to back project than to put the projector out on the drive way. I am looking for a cheap and super easy way to set this up tonight. The door area...
  2. Static: Mini half coffin

    Halloween Props
    Built this the last couple days out of pallet wood. Just cut and hammered together. I used a halloween mask with the hood and staple gunned it to the back. I have a red 25 watt red light inside so it will look good at night.
  3. Why I Have Grey Hair!

    General Halloween
    So I went to rebuild, for the fifth time in five years, the wings on my Creeper figure, and I reach for my staple gun and... it's not in the tool box. I check my other tool box, and nothing. I check the kitchen, bedrooms, car trunks, everywhere... no staple gun. So I go up to Lowes and buy yet...
  4. Fake Hay Bale Tutorial

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Tool List Saw Speed Square Power drill with #2 phillips bit Staple gun with 5/16" and 3/8" staples Heavy duty scissors Material List (for 1 hay bale) 8 - 2"x2"x42" square pressure treated deck balusters 16 - 0.625-in x 1.5-in Zinc-Plated Flat Braces 1 roll - 3' x 25' plastic poultry fencing (or...