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  1. the nun movie and a few cool ideas for halloween

    General Halloween
    I freakin loved this movie.I thought it was good from the very start to the very end. I did buy the animated nun prop from party city and really was pleased with her. The movie is filled with halloween ideas but this one scene is super simple and to me would be erie.I couldnt find the exact...
  2. My Halloween decor for 1018

    General Halloween
    As usual I did a fair bit of decorating for Halloween, which is probably strange since I live out in the country where I have never gotten any trick or treat activity. I continue to do it every year though; I enjoy it. I try to go for more of an Edward Gorey look but not a gory look. The...
  3. Donna The Dead animatronic

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Rare 2006/07 animatronic figure. Still works, has original cord and box (but lost the outside graphic). Moves, but some sort of balance issue with the swaying body action. The belt that operates the action is still there and working when I filmed the vid, just had to hold her hand to get her to...
  4. Pneumatic: Skelly Coffin Groundbreaker WIP

    Halloween Props
    This is my pneumatic version of a Skelly Coffin Groundbreaker. It's a work in progress, static portion is complete, still have to do the controls and audio. Top of the coffin is 42", the top of the skelly's head is at 3 feet. He's mounted to a 4-bar linkage that when triggered, he jumps out and...
  5. Mechanical: trick or treaters

    Halloween Props
    This was a experamental kid of prop that i did this year to see if kids would try to steal it or if people would like it. What i used was a standing ghost that someone was throwing away. I also used a gemmy giggle buddy he activates and says cute frazes when someone claps. The story of him is...
  6. HomeDepot 2018

    General Halloween
    Thought I would start a 2018 home depot thread right now they have 9 ft. Standing Skeleton T-Rex Dinosaur on sale for 224.25 https://www.homedepot.com/p/Home-Accents-Holiday-9-ft-Standing-Skeleton-T-Rex-Dinosaur-with-LED-Illuminated-Eyes-7342-99908/301148793 74 in. Halloween Standing...
  7. Static: Making Pose-N-Stay Stand

    Halloween Props
    This is my first year having a pose-n-stay skeleton. I need them standing in my display. How do you all get yours to stay standing in the yard? If you have pictures of your method that would help immensely. Thanks!
  8. Static: Looky what I got!

    Halloween Props
    So I just bought a pretty cool vintage mannequin for 30 bucks off Craigslist. Now I'm looking for some creepy ideas to do with her. I'm thinking about having her dressed up standing over a charred skeleton with a lighter in one hand and a gas can next to her. Any other ideas?
  9. Static: What's your method of attaching shoes to a standing prop?

    Halloween Props
    After a couple of props getting damaged last year due to high winds, I'm trying a new approach to building the lower half of a body to make it more sturdy. I'm using 2x3's for the legs and attaching them to a 2'x2' with L brackets. Doing so then leaves the question on how to attach the shoes...
  10. Jerry from USA

    Member Introduction
    Hello, I am Jerry & from USA. I am the marketer of Sentiments Express last 3 years. First time I am working on Halloween events & promoted Halloween Cakes & Chocolates you can see here & if you have any suggestion please below post here! Halloween Gifts. Enough around what we've done, THANK...
  11. Climate controlled Halloween

    General Halloween
    How much does your local climate control your outdoor haunt? Here in the Canadian prairies, fall can be crisp, still and perfect or windy, rainy, even frosty and snow kissed. After a windstorm last night I've adapted my plans for my Zombie Café. Need to re-cobweb since it's all soaking wet (I...
  12. Static: make my dummy stand

    Halloween Props
    Hey all I am looking for suggestions on how to make my stuffed dummy stand (or possibly hang but look like hes standing) this is the dummy i have. I have added extra stuffing to fill him out more and hes very realistic for sure but more so made to sit in a chair or like wise. but my idea for him...
  13. Static: free standing figures

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys. It has been quite awhile since I have been here. I have made quite a few pvc framed figures over the years, this big guy is an example. Anyway, they have been in my yard in years past, anchored down by rebar. I usually hammer in the rebar right into the soil and leave about a foot...
  14. Oriental Trading 2015

    General Halloween
    I was just browsing OT's new items for 2015. They have a few new static lifesize figures: Goth Vampire: http://www.orientaltrading.com/goth-vampire-a2-13703449.fltr?prodCatId=551691 $79 Gothic Vampire Lady: http://www.orientaltrading.com/goth-vampire-lady-a2-13703429.fltr?prodCatId=551691 $79...
  15. August -- The Pre-Halloween Season Month

    General Halloween
    That's the way I've always considered it. We decorate the house after Labor Day, and we steadily approach autumn and leave the days of summer behind. August is a month of planning for many in the Halloween community. Mostly planning around the notion of "how in the world did time fly by so quick...
  16. Mechanical: Creating Mausoleum Pepper's Ghost effect using 3 axis skull

    Halloween Props
    So, I've always wanted to do a Pepper's ghost effect but don't want to do projection as I like the more realistic look you get with projecting real objects (ala animatronic ghosts in the Haunted Mansion). With that said, it seems to me the effect would be difficult to pull off outside using the...