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  1. Halloween Costume Ideas
    So I am going to dress as a scarecrow this year. I picked up a real old farmers scythe from the flea market and I have a GrimStitchFactory mask. I cannot find overalls used anywhere, I have been looking for 6 weeks. I am going to be forced to go to a Tractor Supply store this weekend and buy...
  2. Halloween Props
    Does anyone have experience in making a burlap mask? Looking for pointers and how to create the stains I see on commercial masks.
  3. General Halloween
    Red wine stains everything, right? I mean, you spill it on your favorite shirt and it'll never come out no matter how many times you wash it, right? Okay, swell. So I buy this Doctor's lab coat for the big day to play a mad scientist in. But it's too white and I figure it needs a few blood...
1-3 of 3 Results