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  1. Halloween Crafts
    I just finished a mounted vampire skull (like the European mounts of stag skulls). I started with this vampire skull from eBay: I sanded off the weird thing on the top of the skull, and then stained it to match the rest of the skull. I removed the original nail mounting thing, so it would...
  2. General Halloween
    After having a bad case of the funk (and not the pleasant kind) last year and not doing ANYthing, I knew this year I needed to bring back the Halloween spirit. So out came the stained glass windows, out came the new gravestones (to replace the ones that blew away in 2013), out came the new...
  3. General Halloween
    Hi....:) I want to create a false stained glass window in a box frame that stands away from the wall..... about 6 inches ..... I want to rig up lightning to flash behind the window ... so when you look at the window it lights with the flash ..... Anyone know how to do the lightning effect? I...
1-3 of 3 Results