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  1. Pneumatic: Unit 70 Krampus animatronic arrived!!!

    Halloween Props
    Just got home his in yesterday from Unit 70 Studios. This prop is massive, insanely detailed and AWESOME. Thanks to Hillie, Bo and the rest of the staff at Unit 70 for getting this to me on time and in pristine condition.
  2. Other: Countess Reborn (WIP)

    Halloween Props
    I totally feel in love with the Countess prop at Lowes, and agoniozed for a month over whether to get her. I know I wouldn't be satisfied with her clothes and accessories. Yesterday I broke down and got her. I put a different wig and dress on her, and better jewellery. Not finished with her...
  3. Static: Witch doctor staff

    Halloween Props
    Weird question, but I think that is becoming the norm for me. So, two of my static props (if I get my rear in gear) are little 4-5 foot creatures, wearing plague doctor masks and wearing robes and they'll be under a tree in my front yard with a "cauldron". One will be in the act of dropping a...
  4. Would You Stay...

    General Halloween
    ...At a theme-park style "Haunted" hotel? My darling and I were discussing the viability of such a hotel (and why there aren't any.) We decided that it would be a great idea until about 2AM- and no matter how innocuous, not child-friendly. Unlike an historic hotel that boasted actual...
  5. ward 14 lunatic asylum theme this year

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    finally getting around to posting a few things. been a slow going for me this year. here are a few of the staff and patients so far. Drooling Henry my door to solitary, Gertie Dr. ET, Nurse Hilda Bones, made staff badges for all, directory sign, straight jacket patient, Elmer the...
  6. Prop Showcase: My Skull Staff

    Halloween Props
    So this is still a work in progress and I'll probably tweak it some more. But I wanted to show you how the project evolved. I'm still working on the details on the staff, and my costume. skull_staff_project on Flickr - Photo Sharing! Phase 1 was my original concept I didnt like it. Phase 2 I...
  7. Static: Looking for some aging advice on my staff.

    Halloween Props
    So I've been trying to build out a staff for my undead / grave digger costume this year... (yes that's right the undead can dig thier own graves). At any rate. It's not to the point I want yet. I want to age it more and make it look older. Any ideas? halloween 2008 construction 002 on Flickr...