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  1. Looks like the end of my Haunt

    General Halloween
    For the past 35 years I have built a haunt for my community. It started out in my parents garage and then when I got my own home I moved it to my house. Then 8 years again I struck a deal with the local youth bureau and conducted the Haunt in one of there recreation buildings. In 35 years no one...
  2. Other: halloween props vs the sprinkler system help

    Halloween Props
    Hello everyone! I’m Abby from Chicago and I am hoping someone here can really help. I just bought a home that has a working sprinkler system. While digging around I was able to locate a few of the underground pipes. The pipes are similar to ½ inch PVC and maybe 8 inches under the grass. My...
  3. Pneumatic: My barrel Popper Test Run

    Halloween Props
    This is a DIY barrel popper made from bicycle pump, pvc and sprinkler valve. Used a Motion lite to power it all. http://youtu.be/-sfBTtsTaJE