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  1. Dot Room

    Halloween Props
    Hi Everyone, I hope this is posted in the correct section! I searched through the Dot Room threads, and the last one was from 2014. Does anyone know if luminescent spray paint works just as well as regular neon paint? Wormyt has an amazing tutorial on dot rooms using neon paint, I’m just trying...
  2. Static: PROPS - Whatcha working on today?

    Halloween Props
    My TENTH annual Halloween party is a biohazard, toxic waste, zombie apocalypse theme this year. :) Biohazard barrels are for my drink station. I finished painting and blood splattering FIVE!!! I just need to add the waste dripping down the sides and paint when dry. $10 trash can 2 cans grey...
  3. Other Cat-O-Lantern

    Halloween Crafts
    My cat-o-lanterns.... :) I wrote an article on it for my boss's site but am not sure that's appropriate to post so I'll just put up the picture, what do you think? One is matte, the other is gloss.
  4. Painting Webbing Spray

    Halloween Crafts
    I happen to come across this spray at a yardsale for a $1 and i wanted to see if anyone else has use this ...its called Krylon webbing spray I found it on ebay for about $20... but you may find it cheaper somewhere else... but this is a must have... its very cool to play with... if anyone else...
  5. Fleckstone spray paint

    General Halloween
    I've been trying to find an online source for Fleckstone spray paint as our local stores (KMart, Walmart and Target) don't carry it. Where are you all getting Fleckstone products (the Halloween colors and the clear-kote)? Has anyone used any other comparable products? Also, the spray paints I'm...
  6. Latexing, Corpsing and Painting Boogedy: Tutorial

    Here's how to take a raw Boogedy form from Fright Theatre and make him ALIVE! er...I mean DEAD! Purchase the raw version (with steel armature) of Boogedy from Fright Theatre. It comes with the built-in steel armature, foot plates, latex, webbing and chip brushes for $200 off their list...
  7. Outdoor Flicker Candles: Tutorial

    Love the flicker lights using tealights created by jimmyzdc. But, needed them to be on a timer. Time to hack a string of Christmas flicker lights. Videos of them in action can be found here: The following pictures shows you how to make the candles but I did not show how...
  8. Beloved Tombstone: Tutorial

    I tried my hand at making the Beloved Tombstone by somewhat using the instructions at Haunted Webby - Alice Tombstone. I got additional ideas from Kevin at Brewster's Yard haunt at Brewster Yard Haunt: New Props. From what I can gather, the Beloved Tombstone was created by...
  9. Weeping Angel Tombstone: Tutorial

    This is my version of the weeping angel tombstone that I combined with DaveintheGrave's peeping tombstone. For directions on how to make Dave's Peeping mechanism, please go to the following awesome, terrific, easy-to-follow thread: Project 1 - Instructor Thread You can also make this just a...
  10. Tombstone Stencil Technique: Tutorial

    Herman Secret has a great tutorial showing how to use stickers to block out part of a stone when you are spray painting it for aging: Easy Tombstones Because I had a very large area I had to do a few different things. This technique shows how to use latex paint put on by a stencil to block...
  11. Building and Painting Tombstones: Tutorial

    This is a two-part video series on how to make Halloween Tombstones: Following is an outline and pictures of the construction of this stone: Okay, let's start: Cut Foam: First off...ALWAYS WEAR A MASK WHEN CUTTING FOAM! The foam dust floats through the air and...