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  1. Share your village display 2019 (Lemax, Dept 56, etc.)

    General Halloween
    Please post your Lemax Spooky Town, Department 56, or other collectible village displays. Or setups you have seen! Big, elaborate, multi-level electrical nightmares and simple, single lighted buildings and accessories welcomed alike. Feel free to share older setups. (Yes, there is a Lemax...
  2. Lemax Spooky Town Dead Man's Mine question

    General Halloween
    Hello! I took the plunge and started collecting Spooky Town pieces. I thought I'd hit the jackpot when I found someone selling off their collection on Craigslist. But now I seem to have a problem. The Dead Man's Mine piece doesn't make any sound and the red lights don't work. Has any one...
  3. Selling Lemax Spooky Town Collection

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hi everyone. I am selling my Spooky Town Collection. I have building, people and table accents. I can provide pictures if you are interested. Thanks.
  4. Foam Steps For Spooky Town...

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hey Folks, So this year I've finally decided to begin work on a Spooky Town. I have some good ideas, but in order to pull them off, I need to figure out how to carve steps into the foam that I'm using. It seems simple enough, but making to look good has proven to be harder than I thought. I've...
  5. Hello to all of my friends!!!!

    Member Introduction
    Hello my name is Graceyghost, I am a massive fan of all thats Halloween and I know I am in great company here! I work as a storyboard artist here in Los Angeles. my favorite collection peices are my Haunted Mansion items and Spooky town miniatures. I also collect Universal Monsters and Hot...
  6. Electronic/Software: Problem with Spooky Town 2011 Gothic Mansion

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone else picked up the Gothic Haunted Mansion 15199? We took one home and plugged it in. Looks great, but when we turned the volume all the way down, just to have the lights with no sound, there was an annoying high pitched squeal. It was there with the sound up, just harder to hear. We...
  7. Huge amount of Spooky Town for Sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Huge amount of Spooky Town for Sale *UPDATED w/list* Hello everyone, My name is Clay and I have a huge amount of Lemax Spooky Town items for sale. A lot of it is either brand new or in like new condition. The last year I made a purchase of every Spooky Town item in the collection was 2008...
  8. Terror in a Tiny Town - 2010

    General Halloween
    So my lovely wife has got our Spooky Town all set up and I think she's really outdone herself this year. Not only that, she's taken some amazing photos... I'll post a few here but you can check out the rest in my photo albums. I just wanted to show them off. And if YOU'VE got a little village...
  9. Lemax Spooky Town Auctions on Ebay

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Sadly it seems I have to thin out my collection of Spooky Town this year. I have a number of pieces up for auction on Ebay - all at very reasonable prices. Lemax - "The Pumpkin Patch" Poly Resin Table Piece - eBay (item 190259140220 end time Oct-20-08 06:35:13 PDT) Lemax - Spooky Town 3-PC...