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  1. General Halloween
    Well it took long enough to get this together since taking everything down makes me depressed lol.. But here it is! My home haunt for 2018! We had about 500 or so walk through the haunted house not including the ones that were too scared to make it all the way;) I split it into 4 parts for...
  2. Member Introduction
    This is my favorite time of year...setting up props of many Halloween years, looking for new ideas (time permuted) Filming it for the record (time permitted) and cleaning up the next day of all the candy that was split from someones child who got a bad-dose of something that they never thought...
  3. Halloween Props
    Trying to post this again. I tried to post once but cannot find it. Anyway, does anyone know how or can point me to a how to on adding a wall wart to a Talking Boris? I opened it up and found out that it has 6 batteries that are split somehow. one section has 6 volts and the other section has 3...
  4. General Halloween
    Is there anyone in the Omaha Nebraska area who uses Ultracal 30 for there molds, for mask making ? I would like to split cost of shipping, since no one sells it locally.
  5. Halloween Props
    With some a projector I currently own (Mitsubsihi XD500U), and windows being slim and spaced rather than adjacent or picture windows, I'd like a ghost projection effect to walk across two windows in one bedroom. The only way I believe I can achieve this is by splitting the video signal coming...
1-5 of 6 Results