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  1. Wanted to Buy
    Looking for spirits lurching zombie for sale
  2. Halloween Props
    Okay, I need the forum to help me out. I cannot find the power adapter to Spirit's Misfortune Teller. I have learned my lesson in the past by frying props with the wrong adapter. I no longer have the instructions so I do not have any part number. I have the wiring that the adapter can plug...
  3. Halloween Props
    I bought one of these last year through amazon. I saw them at spirits display last year. they were the same. I saw spirit had changed their price from $300 to $200. considering the 20 percent coupon. it might be a good time to get another. since I really like this prop and think they look even...
  4. Wanted to Buy
    Hi everyone, I'm interested in buying Spirit's Witch of Stolen Souls. Can pick up locally if in central California/Bay area. Looking for it to be functional, of course, and in original box. Wanting to spend less than Spirits asking price. Maybe around 140-150. Thanks!
  5. Announcements / Press Releases
    I'm in the process of updating my paranormal page & looking for people to list. If you have a paranormal investigation team or sell Halloween merch., please let me know. Thanks.:):D
1-5 of 11 Results