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  1. Zombie Boy Limb Eater

    Zombie Boy Limb Eater is exclusive to Spirit Halloween. New for the 2013 season. Available online on 8/1 Freak out all who enter your haunted house on Halloween when you decorate with this Zombie Boy Limb Eater Animated Decoration. This gruesome animated prop features a hungry zombie boy, in...
  2. Electronic/Software: Jumping Dog - Spirit Halloween 2013

    Halloween Props
    Jumping Dog You do not want to pet this dog! Jumping Dog isn't your typical friendly neighborhood pet. He runs around without a leash while he shows off his huge grin, letting everyone know he is always ready to bite. Order Jumping Dog online 8/1 for $99.99. Stay tuned for a video!
  3. Static: Troll Baby - Spirit Halloween 2013

    Halloween Props
    Troll Baby http://www.spirithalloween.com/product/sv-troll-baby-with-sound-light/ Troll Baby isn't your average baby. A good friend of the Crouching Limb Eater Boy, Troll Baby often has the pleasure of sharing limbs with his dear friend. Do you notice the red stain around his mouth? Yeah...
  4. Electronic/Software: Crouching Limb Eater Boy - Spirit Halloween 2013

    Halloween Props
    Crouching Limb Eater Boy After his family abandoned him on a street corner, this Crouching Limb Eater Boy was so hungry he had to take extreme measures…really extreme. So can you blame him for eating limbs? After all, they are good protein. Own this animated boy for $149.99 with a Footpad...
  5. Electronic/Software: Jumping Critter - Spirit Halloween 2013

    Halloween Props
    Jumping Critter Jumping Critter is ready to strike! His mouth is wide open, meaning he is on the prowl and ready to catch his next prey. Make sure you’re not walking past him when he decides to attack. Sold this Halloween season beginning 8/1 for $99.99
  6. 50% Off Animatronics! Spirit Halloween

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    50% Off Animatronics! April 11th thru April 21st Animatronic Sale! 50% Off Select Animatronics *Online Only. While Supplies Last http://www.spirithalloween.com/animatronic-sale/
  7. Spirit Of Children 2012

    General Halloween
    This is a great video to show a little about the Spirit Of Children program by Spirit Halloween.
  8. Jumping Spider Contest from Spirit Halloween - Halloween Forum member should win!

    General Halloween
    Okay, Spirit Halloween started a contest where you submit a video with their jumping spider. I know that many members have one. Don't you think that one of our members should win this hands down? I do. Anybody have video from last year for this. Come on everyone... I really want a...
  9. The Barn - Spirit Halloween Theme

    General Halloween
    Spirit Halloween just posted this video. Here's a sneak peek at The Barn! This is one of Spirit Halloween's in-store displays for 2012!
  10. House of Horrors Video - Spirit Halloween

    General Halloween
    Spirit Halloween just posted the video showing their House of Horrors in-store setup. Looks great.
  11. Spirit Halloween Terror Mill Video

    General Halloween
    I was very happy to see the new Terror Mill theme video, a store sneak peek video posted by Spirit Halloween this morning. What do you think?
  12. Other: Spirit Halloween Zombie Swing girl

    Halloween Props
    Did anyone els get her? I did and shes great, could swing more tho.:)
  13. Spirit Halloween store locator

    General Halloween
    The Spirit Halloween store locator is up now. I think that not all stores are in their database yet. There are stores near me :D http://www.spirithalloween.com/
  14. Electronic/Software: The Wolf Spitter - Spirit Halloween

    Halloween Props
    The Wolf Spitter - Only at Spirit Halloween What do you think? What could be worse than stumbling upon a werewolf eating a severed leg? How about if it looks up from it's prey and sprays a fine mist of water on you - yuck! Shower your visitors this Halloween with this Animated Wolf Spitting...
  15. Electronic/Software: Poppin' Goblin - Spirit Halloween

    Halloween Props
    Poppin' Goblin - Only at Spirit this Halloween season Here is another new prop from Spirit Halloween. I can see potential for customizing this one for your own home haunt. Where do Goblins live? In pumpkins, of course! This Poppin' Goblin prop is bound to startle those who dare get near...
  16. Electronic/Software: Walking Dead Girl - Spirit Halloween

    Halloween Props
    Walking Dead Girl a.k.a Walking Dead Teddy Bear Girl - Spirit Halloween Exclusive - Here is another Spirit Halloween exclusive prop. Look at her face!!! She's life-size. She's got the bunny slippers, the pink pajamas, robe and stuffed pink teddy bear. The only problem is she's dead...
  17. Static: Zombie Woman - Spirit Halloween Exclusive

    Halloween Props
    Zombie Woman - Found only at Spirit this Halloween season Here is another Spirit Halloween exclusive for 2012. What do you think? Where did the first bite originate? Doesn't matter! This lifesize static Zombie Woman prop is just the gruesome addition you need for your zombie scene. At...
  18. Electronic/Software: The Howler - Spirit Halloween

    Halloween Props
    The Howler - Exclusively at Spirit Halloween this season Check this new prop out. Watch the entire video for movement. Does this prop remind you of another good prop from previous seasons? There doesn't have to be a full moon in the sky for this furry prop to howl. The Howler is a...
  19. Electronic/Software: Lying Regan - Spirit Halloween

    Halloween Props
    Lying Regan - Exclusively at Spirit this Halloween Season What could be worse than watching Regan possessed by the devil - unless it's happening in your own home. This life-size officially licensed Rising Regan Animated Prop from The Exorcist does exactly what you'd expect and nothing...
  20. Lighting: LED Pin Spot Lights - Spirit Halloween

    Halloween Props
    LED Pin Spot Lights - Spirit Halloween http://www.spirithalloween.com/product/gm-led-red-spot-light/ These new pin spots at Spirit Halloween look decent. Get the party started with this awesome super-bright spot lights -avialable in Red, Blue, Green, White and Black. You can aim it where the...