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  1. Halloween Props
    Hello to anyone reading this! I need some help. My Pumpkin Guardian of the Grave telescoping module isn't working at all, he won't rise up. I tried to open the thing up but there is a stripped screw so I won't be able to open it. If anyone knows what is wrong with it and knows a solution or has...
  2. Wanted to Buy
    Does anyone have an electrified maniac they want to sell ??!! My son is autistic and OBSESSED with spirit Halloween and animatronics he asked for Experimental Eddie and Electrified Maniac specifically for Christmas and I was able to find Experimental Eddie but no luck on the other , I have...
  3. Halloween Props
    Hey all, I bought the Evil Scientist prop that Spirit Halloween originally sold a couple of years ago, I bought it from someone on Kijiji (Canada's craigslist). The original owner didn't report any problems with the prop, but when I got it home and tested it out it has some problems. The prop...
  4. Halloween Props
    Hey all, I'm about to start working on a fog chiller (large, outdoor trash can size) and trying to decide if I should be shopping for a fog machine to replace the one I have. My goal is to do a nice ground fog effect in our front yard this year. I picked up up a 400w model from Spirit a few...
  5. Halloween Props
    I just know someone here can help me ID this prop. I need information on it please. I have someone who wants to sell it for $100. Thanks.:confused:
1-5 of 5 Results