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  1. $3 super cheap and easy "spider victim"

    Halloween Props
    For our haunt we needed some "spider victims" that would drop down from the spider web tunnel on our haunt goers. They had to be soft, because they were going to be impacting guests and bouncing off heads. They also had to be waterproof/rain resistant because Halloween in Florida is during peak...
  2. Static: Home made spider victim

    Halloween Props
    I'm in the processes of making this in between working on my haunt stuff. Got the idea a while back and i finally got around to it. think it's coming along pretty well. i used trash bags and stuffed them with a bunch of plastic store bags for the base and used a milk jug to bulk out the head...
  3. Animated Spider Victim: Tutorial

    Another one of my older tutorials. Brushed off the dust and shined it up a bit. If you want to see it in action and have me explain how it works, please see this video: The genesis and heart of this 5' tall spider victim is from a 'Hanging Man Zombie' prop made by Gemmy and was sold at...
  4. Mechanical: Spider Victim

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone purchased a animated spider victim from Kmart? Price was around$29.99? I just purchased online and wonder if it was a good idea. It says it's lifesize and hangs upside down, thrashing back and forth....